Professional Programs

The department of Computer Science offers two full-time professional master's programs in the areas of Data Science and Human-Centred Computing. Our programs provide in-depth experience and instruction into these dynamic and cutting-edge disciplines.

Take your skills to the next level and advance your career with one of these focused programs. With the flexibility to have your first semester online, and with course offerings pre-planned for each program you will be able to choose the pathway to the next stage of your career.

Both programs have been created to follow a carefully considered academic curriculum, which starts with fundamental and foundational courses, progresses into topically-relevant courses, and concludes with a seminar and capstone project course.

Data Science Program

Students studying the Data Science program will learn about the importance of data-focused programming, along with foundational concepts in the data science lifecycle, statistics, and machine learning. Advanced topics related to applied machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, and methods for communicating about data science projects will be covered. The program will conclude with a professionally focused seminar series and a capstone project.

The application deadline for the Data Science Program is in February of every year. Apply now!

Human-Centred Computing Program

Students in the Human-Centred Computing program will learn about human-computer interaction theories and principles, methods for the design and implementation of software interfaces, and techniques for evaluating such software with human subjects. Advanced topics related to computer graphics, animation, mobile computing, virtual and augmented reality, and information visualization will be covered. The program will conclude with a professionally focused seminar series and a capstone project.

The application deadline for the Human-Centred Computing Program is in June of every year. Apply now!

Our Faculty

Dr. Orland Hoeber

The primary research of Dr. Hoeber is at the intersection of interactive information retrieval and information visualization. He has an active research team working on the design, development, and study of visual and interactive software to support exploration, analysis, reasoning, and discovery in a broad range of information-centric domains including digital library search, mobile search, social media analysis, and sport analytics.

Dr. Sandra Zilles

Dr. Zilles' research interests include Computational learning theory (interactive learning, query learning, inductive inference), Artificial intelligence (machine learning, search and planning), and Formal languages (pattern languages, learning regular languages).


About the Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers programs of study related to computing, information technology and software design and application. Our programs involve interdepartmental, multi-institutional and inter-institutional collaboration and have attracted faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world. Students may pursue full-time or part-time study leading to a Certificate in Computer Science or to BSc, MSc, or PhD degrees.

About the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science has nearly 1800 undergraduate and graduate students in academic programs leading to Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees, as well as a number of diplomas and certificates. Our work is supported by nearly ninety permanent academic staff and more than thirty administrative and scientific staff. For new, prospective, or returning students, our team in Science Academic Hub is knowledgeable and friendly and can assist you with any questions you may have about your studies or our programs.