The CS 900 course requires participation in a series of seminars presented by both honours undergraduate students and graduate students. M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are enrolled in CS 900, while undergraduate honours students are enrolled in CS 499.

A representative of the Seminar Committee will meet with all seminar candidates (CS 499 undergrad and CS 900 grad) at the beginning of each term to familiarize them with the process, to assign them presentation dates, and to set deadlines for the submission of the title/abstract and the draft presentation.

Seminar notices are sent out via email and posted outside the CS department office in College West as well as on the CS department website under Events.

Graduate students are required to attend the seminars in the Department of Computer Science seminar series and the Research Colloquium series.

Ph.D., M.Sc. Thesis, and M.Sc. Project students are required to register in two instances of the CS 900 (Seminar). Normally, they would register in the first instance once they have established a deep understanding of their research domain, and would give an overview of this domain. The second instance of CS 900 would be taken near the completion of the research, enabling a seminar to be given on the work the student has performed.

M.Sc. Course students are required to take one instance of CS 900. Normally, they would take this in their second-last or last semester, and give a seminar about some topic that they found especially interesting from their coursework.

All students must submit an abstract of their topic prior to their presentation. The submission deadline for abstracts is set by the Seminar Coordinator at the beginning of the course.