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Recent Journal Publications for 2019

Recently published journal papers by faculty members of the Department of Computer Science (the list is not complete as only a part of the faculty members provided their paper information in 2019 to update the website):


  • S. Elshaar and S. Sadaoui. Semi-supervised Classification of Fraud Data in Commercial Auctions. Applied Artificial Intelligence , Taylor & Francis, pp. 1-17,  Nov. 2019.
  • F. Anowar and S. Sadaoui. Detection of Auction Fraud in Commercial Sites. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, JTAER, 15(1), pp. 81-98 (accepted).
  • M.K. Afridi, N. Azam, J.T. Yao, Variance based Three-way Clustering Approaches for Handling Overlapping Clusteringi, International Journal of Approximate Reasoningi, 118:47-63, (accepted).
  • Y. Zhang and J.T. Yao, Game Theoretic Approach to Shadowed Sets: A Three-way Tradeoff Perspective, Information Sciences, 507:540-552, (accepted).
  • S.S. Ribeiro, D.A. Rezende and J.T. Yao, Toward a model of the municipal evidence-based decision process in the strategic digital city context, Information Polity, 23(3):305-324, 2019.
  • H. Yu, L.Y. Chen, J.T. Yao and X.N. Wang, A three-way clustering method based on an improved DBSCAN algorithm, Physica A, 535:122289, 2019.
  • H. Mao, M.J. Hu, Y.Y. Yao, Algebraic approaches to granular computing, Granular Computing, Accepted 2019.
  • Laura Wood, Orland Hoeber, Ryan Snelgrove & Larena Hoeber (2019) Computer science meets digital leisure: Multiple perspectives on social media and eSport collaborations, Journal of Leisure Research, 50:5,425-437.
  • Y.Y. Yao, Three-way conflict analysis: reformulations and extensions of the Pawlak model, Knowledge-Based Systems 180 (2019) 26-37.
  • X.A. Ma, Y.Y. Yao, Min-max attribute-object bireducts: On unifying models of reducts in rough set theory, Information Sciences 501 (2019) 68-83.
  • Y. Xu, Y.Y. Yao, Partition order product space: Partition based granular computing model (in Chinese), Journal of Computer Research and Development 56 (2019) 836-843.
  • X.R. Zhao, Y.Y. Yao, Three-way fuzzy partitions defined by shadowed sets, Information Sciences 497 (2019) 23-37.
  • K. Zhang, J.M. Zhan, Y.Y. Yao, TOPSIS method based on a fuzzy covering approximation space: An application to biological nano-materials selection, Information Sciences 502 (2019) 297-329. 
  • M.J. Hu, X.F. Deng, Y.Y. Yao, On the properties of subsethood measures, Information Sciences 494 (2019) 208-232.
  • M.J. Hu, Y.Y. Yao, Structured approximations as a basis for three-way decisions in rough set theory, Knowledge-Based Systems 165 (2019) 92-109.
  • Z. Gao, B.T. Yang, The One-Cop-Moves Game on Planar Graphs, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization (Accepted). 
  • L. S. Wang, B.T. Yang, Positive Semidenite Zero Forcing Numbers of Two Classes of Graphs, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 786, pp.44-54, 2019.
  • B.T. Yang, R.T. Zhang, Y. Cao, F.R. Zhong, Search Numbers in Networks with Special Topologies, Journal of Interconnection Networks, Vol. 19, pp.1-34, 2019.
  • M. Adm, S. Fallat, K. Meagher, S. Naserasr, S. Plosker, B.T. Yang, Achievable multiplicity partitions in the inverse eigenvalue problem of a graph, Special Matrices, Vol. 7, pp. 276-290, 2019.