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Dr. Alireza Manashty

Assistant Professor

Office: College West 308.25
Phone: (306) 337-8442
Fax: (306) 585-4745

Research interests

Dr. Manashty's research interests includes Machine Learning, Data Science, Temporal Data Representation and Forecasting, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, Federated Learning, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Monitoring, Event Detection and Prediction, Cloud Computing, IoT, Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Smart Environments.

Dr. Alireza Manashty is the Director of Data Science Laboratory and an Assistant Professor in Computer Science (Data Science & Machine Learning). He is conducting research in temporal forecasting, federated machine learning, and explainable artificial intelligence. He has 9+ years of practical problem solving using machine learning by helping government, hospitals, and tech companies. Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Google (Kaggle) have sponsored his research in recent years. Dr. Manashty holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, a M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence, and a B.Sc in Software Engineering.