The faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Computer Science contribute to the worldwide research effort in Computer Science. As part of this effort, we are inventing new ways of applying computation to human problems, analyzing the effectiveness of computational techniques, and testing them in applications. Previous researchers in our department have contributed to fundamental advances in animating plant growth and motion, and current researchers are contributing in a variety of areas.

Major Research Areas


Research Area

Faculty Members

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cory ButzLisa FanHoward Hamilton, Shakil Khan, Malek MouhoubSamira Sadaoui, JingTao YaoYiyu YaoSandra Zilles 

Data Science and Data Analytics

Lisa Fan, Howard Hamilton, Daryl Hepting, Nashid Shahriar, JingTao Yao, Yiyu Yao

Human-Centred Computing and Computational Media

Daryl Hepting, Orland Hoeber, Xue Dong Yang, Sami Uddin

Programming Languages

Joseph Eremondi

Software Engineering

Lisa Fan, Shakil Khan, Malek MouhoubSamira Sadaoui

Systems, Communication & Cybersecruity

Nashid Shahriar

Theoretical Computer Science

Shakil KhanBoting Yang, Joseph Eremondi, Kamyar Khodamoradi, Sandra Zilles