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  • CS-2013-01
    Sean Targett, Victoria Verlysdonk, Howard J. Hamilton, and Daryl Hepting
    "Survey Questions for A Study of User Interface Modifications in World of Warcraft"


  • CS-2012-01
    Richard Dosselmann and Xue Dong Yang
    "No-Reference Noise and Blur Detection via the Fourier Transform"
    ISBN 978-0-7731-0714-4


  • CS-2011-02
    Richard Dosselmann and Xue Dong Yang
    "No-Reference Image Quality Assessment using Level-of-Detail"
    ISBN 978-0-7731-0695-6
  • CS-2011-01
    Cristina E. Manfredotti, David J. Fleet, Howard J. Hamilton, and Sandra Zilles
    "Simultaneous Tracking and Activity Recognition with Relational Dynamic Bayesian Networks"
    ISBN 978-0-7731-0694-9


  • CS-2009-01
    Richard Dosselmann and Xue Dong Yang
    "Determining Light Direction in Spheres using Average Gradient"
    ISBN 978-0-7731-0666-6


  • CS-2008-05
    Philip W. L. Fong, Mohd Anwar and Zhen Zhao
    "A Privacy Preservation Model for Facebook-like Social Network Systems"
    ISBN 978-0-7731-0660-4
  • CS-2008-04
    James F. Ranson, Howard J. Hamilton and Philip W. L. Fong
    "A Semantics of Python in Isabelle/HOL"
    ISBN 978-0-7731-0658-1
  • CS-2008-03
    Fei Yan and Philip W. L. Fong
    "Efficient IRM Enforcement of History-Based Access Control Policies"
    ISBN 0-7731-0653-7
  • CS-2008-02
    Richard Dosselmann and Xue Dong Yang
    "A Formal Assessment of the Structural Similarity Index"
    ISBN 0-7731-0648-0


  • CS-2006-08
    Boting Yang, Danny Dyer and Brian Alspach
    "Searching Graphs with Large Clique Number"
    ISBN 0-7731-0578-6
  • CS-2006-07 (withdrawn)
    Boting Yang, Yi Cao and Runtao Zhang
    "On Three Digraph Searching Problems"
    ISBN 0-7731-0576-X
  • CS-2006-06
    Boting Yang and Yi Cao
    "Searching Digraphs: Monotonicity and Complexity"
    ISBN 0-7731-0574-3
  • CS-2006-05
    Boting Yang, Runtao Zhang and Yi Cao
    "Searching Cycle-Disjoint Graphs"
    ISBN 0-7731-0572-7
  • CS-2006-04
    Boting Yang
    "Strong-mixed Searching and Pathwidth"
    ISBN 0-7731-0570-0
  • CS-2006-03
    Philip Wai Leung Fong
    "Discretionary Capability Confinement"
    ISBN 0-7731-0568-9
  • CS-2006-02
    Philip Wai Leung Fong
    "Reasoning about Safety Properties in a JVM-like Environment"
    ISBN 0-7731-0557-3
  • CS-2006-01 (withdrawn)
    JJ Nixdorf and David Gerhard
    "The aRMADILo Spatializer: 3D multi-source sound localization in PD"
    ISBN 0-7731-0551-4


  • CS-2005-05
    Wang, X., Hamilton, H.J., and Bither, Y
    "An Ontology-Based Approach to Data Cleaning," 07/05
    ISBN 0-7731-0534-4
  • CS-2005-04
    Ken Konkel, Mahesh Shrestha, Howard J. Hamilton, and Yiyu Yao
    "An Application of Peculiar Record Detection to a City Works Database," 07/05
    ISBN 0-7731-0532-8
  • CS-2005-03 (not available online)
    Terence H. Chan
    "Efficiently decodable network codes using tree-based multicast transmission scheme," 05/05
    ISBN 0-7731-0517-4
  • CS-2005-02
    Kamran Karimi and Howard J. Hamilton
    "An Extension to the TIMERS Method," 03/05
    ISBN 0-7731-0516-6
  • CS-2005-01 (not available online)
    Terence H. Chan
    "Capacity-region of probabilistic network codes," 04/05
    ISBN 0-7731-0415-8


  • CS-2004-14 (not available online)
    Terence H. Chan
    "On the optimality of group network codes," 12/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0507-7
  • CS-2004-13
    Philip Wai Leung Fong and Boting Yang
    "Discretionary Object Confinement: A Minimalist Approach to Capabilities for the JVM", 12/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0506-9
  • CS-2004-12
    Philip Wai Leung Fong
    "Link-time Enforcement of Confined Types for JVM Bytecode," 12/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0505-0
  • CS-2004-11
    Daryl H. Hepting, Orland Hoeber, and Marlin Berg
    "A Framework for the Unified Presentation of Environmental Risk Information"
    ISBN 0-7731-0501-8
  • CS-2004-10 (not available online)
    C.J. Butz, H. Yao and S. Hua
    "Bringing Semantic Meaning to Jointree Probability Propagation", 11/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0499-2
  • CS-2004-09
    Xin Wang, Camilo Rostoker, and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Density-Based Spatial Clustering in the Presence of Obstacles and Facilitators", 06/04
    ISBN 07731-0490-9
  • CS-2004-08
    Xin Wang and Howard J. Hamilton
    "ObGen and SynGeoDataGen: Data Generators for Obstacle-Facilitator-Constrained Clustering", 06/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0489-5
  • CS-2004-07 (not available online)
    Malek Mouhoub, Samira Sadaoui and Bo Chen
    "An Efficient Formal Framework for CSPs and Temporal CSPs"
    ISBN 0-7731-0485-2
    • Revised version published in:
      International Journal of Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE), Volume 19, Number 6, pp. 765-789, Sept. 2009.
  • CS-2004-06 (not available online)
    Samira Sadaoui and Pengzhou Yin
    "Generalization and Instantiation for Component Reuse"
    ISBN 0-7731-0484-4

    • Revised version published in:
      International Journal of Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE), Volume 16, Number 2, pp. 175-200, April 2006.
  • CS-2004-05
    Bo Chen and Samira Sadaoui
    "A Generic Formal Framework for Constructing Agent Interaction Protocols"
    ISBN 0-7731-0483-6
  • CS-2004-04
    Kamran Karimi and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Problem Solving with Limited Knowledge: Pruning Attributes in Classification Rules", 06/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0482-8
  • CS-2004-03
    Philip Wai Leung Fong and Cheng Zhang
    "Capabilities as Alias Control: Secure Cooperation in Dynamically Extensible Systems", 04/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0479-8
  • CS-2004-02 [ .doc version]
    Kamran Karimi, editor
    Proceedings of the Workshop on Causality and Causal Discovery, 04/04
    University of Regina.
    ISBN 0-7731-047-1
  • CS-2004-01
    Yinliang Zhao
    "Granule-Oriented Programming", 03/04
    ISBN 0-7731-0476-3


  • CS-2003-13
    Xin Wang and Howard J. Hamilton
    "DBRS: A Density-Based Spatial Clustering Method with Random Sampling", 11/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0465-8
  • CS-2003-12
    Bo Chen and Samira Sadaoui
    "LOTOS: Theories and Tools", 11/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0464-X
  • CS-2003-11
    Philip W. L. Fong
    "Pluggable Verification Modules: An Extensible Protection Mechanism for the JVM", 11/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0463-1
  • CS-2003-10
    Daryl H. Hepting and Katherine D. Arbuthnott
    "The Implications of Verbal Overshadowing for Computer Interface Design", 11/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0461-5
  • CS-2003-09
    Philip W. L. Fong
    "Access Control By Tracking Shallow Execution History", 11/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0458-5
  • CS-2003-08 (not available online)
    Malek Mouhoub and Samira Sadaoui
    "Systematic and Approximation Methods for Solving Incremental Satisfiability", 10/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0457-07

    • Revised version published in:
      International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools (IJAIT), Volume 16, Number 1, pp. 139-147, 2007.
  • CS-2003-07
    David Bruce Gerhard
    "Audio Signal Classification: History and Current Techniques", 10/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0456-9
  • CS-2003-06
    David Bruce Gerhard
    "Pitch Extraction and Fundamental Frequency: History and Current Techniques", 10/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0455-0
  • CS-2003-05
    Bo Chen and Samira Sadaoui
    "Generic Formal Framework for Multi-agent Interaction Protocols", 10/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0454-2
  • CS-2003-04
    Danielle Sauer, Jared Gabruch, Cara Gibbs, Howard Hamilton, Jason Selzer, Chris Sembaluk, and David Thue
    "The Anima Animation System, Version 2.0", 10/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0453-4
  • CS-2003-03 [ .doc version]
    L. Geng and H.J. Hamilton
    "Expectation Propagation in ExGen Graphs for Summarization: Preliminary Report", 09/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0452-6
  • CS-2003-02
    Kamran Karimi and Howard J Hamilton
    "Discovering Causality and Acausality in Temporal Data", 02/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0447-x
  • CS-2003-01
    Terry Peckham and Robert J. Hilderman
    "Evaluation of a Model of Human-Computer Interaction and the Incidence of Repetitive Strain Injuries", 02/03
    ISBN 0-7731-0446-1


  • CS-2002-04 [ older .ps version]
    Hong Yao, Howard J.Hamilton and Cory Butz
    "FD_Mine:Discovering Functional Dependencies in a Database Using Equivalences", 08/02
    ISBN 0-7731-0441-0
  • CS-2002-03
    Trevor N. Mansuy and Robert J. Hilderman
    "FormFormatter: A Software Tool for Constructing Mouse-Optional Visual Basic Applications", 08/02
    ISBN 0-7731-0442-9
  • CS-2002-02 [ older .ps version]
    S.K.M. Wong and D. Wu
    "An Algebraic Characterization of Equivalent Bayesian Networks", 02/02
    ISBN 0-7731-0435-6
  • CS-2002-01
    Yanqing Zhang and Yiyu Yao (Eds.)
    "Computational Web Intelligence", 01/02
    ISBN 0-7731-00432-1


  • CS-2001-04 [ older .ps version]
    S.K.M. Wong, C.J. Butz, and D. Wu
    "A Relational Knowledge System", 01/01
    ISBN 0-7731-0417-8
  • CS-2001-03
    Kamran Karimi and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Learning Causal Rules", 12/01
    ISBN 0-7731-0430-5
  • CS-2001-02
    Kamran Karimi and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Temporal Rules and Temporal Decision Trees: A C4.5 Approach", 12/01
    ISBN 0-7731-0429-1
  • CS-2001-01
    Elizabeth C. A. Totten and Robert J. Hilderman
    "TextMouse Web Executive: Software Architecture and Tutorial", 08/01
    ISBN 0-7731-0425-9


  • CS-2000-08 [ .doc version]
    Y.Y. Yao, H. J. Hamilton, and X.W. Wang
    "PagePrompter: An Intelligent Agent for Web Navigation by Using Data Mining Techniques", 11/00
    ISBN 0-7731-0415-1
  • CS-2000-07 (not available online)
    W. Ziarko and Y.Y. Yao (Eds.)
    "Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing (RSCTC'2000)", 10/2000
    ISBN 0-7731-0413-5
  • CS-2000-06 [ .doc version]
    Leah Findlater and Howard J. Hamilton
    "An Empirical Comparison of Methods for Iceberg-CUBE Construction", 08/2000
    ISBN 0-7731-0410-0
  • CS-2000-05 [ .doc version]
    Bradley P. Kram, James A. Hall and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Support Based Measures Applied to Ice Hockey Scoring Summaries: Extended Version", 08/2000
    ISBN 0-7731-0409-7
  • CS-2000-04 [ older .ps version]
    November Scheidt and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Facial Animation Driven by X-ray Microbeam Data", 04/2000
    ISBN 0-7731-0403-8
  • CS-2000-03 [ older .ps version]
    Robert H. Warren and Julia Johnson
    "A Java implementation of the RS1 algorithm using SQL", 03/2000
    ISBN 0-7731-0399-6
  • CS-2000-02 [ older .ps version]
    Y.Y. Yao
    "Neighborhood Systems and Approximate Retrieval", 03/2000
    ISBN 0-7731-00398-8
  • CS-2000-01 [ older .ps version]
    Robert J. Hilderman and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Principle for Mining Summaries: Theorems and Proofs", 02/2000
    ISBN 0-7731-0397-X


  • CS-99-05
    Yiyu Yao and Ning Zhong (Eds.)
    "Granular Computing and Data Mining",
    ISBN 0-7731-03992-9
  • CS-99-04 [ older .ps version]
    Robert J. Hilderman and Howard J. Hamilton
    "Knowledge Discovery and Interestingness Measures: A Survey", 10/99
    ISBN 0-7731-0391-0
  • CS-99-03 [ older .ps version]
    Shik Kam Michael Wong, Cory James Butz, and Dan Wu
    "On the Implication Problem for Probabilistic Conditional Independency", 09/99
    ISBN 0-7731-0390-2
  • CS-99-02 [ .doc version]
    Colin L. Carter, Howard J. Hamilton, Wiliam B. Hase, and Carlos B. Rivera
    "A Turtorial Guide to DB-Discover, Version 3.4", 04/99
    IBSN 0-7731-0389-9
  • CS-99-01 [ older .ps version]
    November Scheidt and Howard John Hamilton
    "The CASSI System for Animated Speech Simulation", 03/99
    ISBN 0-7731-0378-3


  • CS-98-05 (not available online)
    Yang Xiang
    "Cooperative Triangulation in MSBNs without Revealing Subnet Structures", 04/98
    ISBN 0-7731-0364-3

    • Revised version published in:
      Networks, Vol.37, No.1, 53-65, 2001.
  • CS-98-04 [ older .ps version]
    Colin Leslie Carter and Howard John Hamilton
    "GDBR: An Optimal Relation Generalization Algorithm for Knowledge Discovery from Databases", 04/98
    ISBN 0-7731-0362-7
  • CS-98-03 [ older .ps version]
    Carlos B. Rivera and Nick Cercone
    "Hermes: A Natural Language Interface to a Medical Database", 03/98
    ISBN 0-7731-0361-9
  • CS-98-02 [ older .ps version]
    Carlos B. Rivera and Nick Cercone
    "Hermes: Grammar and Lexicon", 03/98
    ISBN 0-7731-0360-0
  • CS-98-01 [ older .ps version]
    Yang Xiang
    "Belief Updating in MSBNs without Repeated Local Propagations", 04/98
    ISBN 0-7731-0359-7


  • CS-97-06 [ older .ps version]
    Mark P. Beigler and Howard J. Hamilton
    "X Windows Network Traffic Analysis", 12/97
    ISBN 0-7731-0355-4
  • CS-97-05 [ older .ps version]
    Yang Xiang
    "What Necessitate Multiply Sectioned Bayesian Networks?", 12/97
    ISBN 0-7731-0352-x
  • CS-97-04 (not available online)
    Robert J. Hilderman
    "Constructing Multiphase Protocols", 11/97
    ISBN 0-7731-0350-3
  • CS-97-03 [ older .ps version]
    Yang Xiang
    "Models Learnable by Belief Net Learning Algorithms Equipped with Single-Link Search", 07/97
    ISBN 0-7731-0345-7
  • CS-97-02 (not available online)
    Kanlaya Naruedomkul and Nick Cercone
    "Steps Toward Accurate Machine Translation", 03/97
    ISBN 0-7731-0342-2
  • CS-97-01 [ .doc version]
    Colin L. Carter, Howard J. Hamilton and Nick Cercone
    "The Share, Coincidence and Dominance Measures for Itemsets : Extended Report", 02/97
    ISBN 0-7731-0339-2


  • CS-96-08 [ older .ps version]
    Kay Wiese, Shiv Nagarajan and Scott D. Goodwin,
    "QDOOCS, A C++ Class Library for Solving Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems", 09/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0332-5
  • CS-96-07 [ older .ps version]
    Y. Xiang,
    "Learning Belief Networks in Pseudo-independent Domains", 09/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0331-7
  • CS-96-06 [ older .ps version]
    Howard J. Hamilton, Ning Shan, and Nick Cercone,
    "RIAC: A Rule Induction Algorithm Based on Approximate Classification", 05/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0321-X
  • CS-96-05 [ older .ps version]
    Wanlin Pang and Scott Goodwin,
    "Constraint-Directed Backtracking Algorithm for Constraint-Satisfaction Problems", 05/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0322-8
  • CS-96-04 [ older .ps version]
    Yang Xiang,
    "Towards More Efficient Inference in Dynamic Bayesian Networks", 03/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0318-X
  • CS-96-03 [ older .ps version]
    Mengchi Liu,
    "A Typed Deductive and Object-Oriented Database Language", 03/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0317-1
  • CS-96-02 [ older .ps version]
    Mengchi Liu,
    "The ROL Deductive and Object-Oriented Database System", 03/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0316-3
  • CS-96-01 (not available online)
    Xue Dong Yang, Zhan Xu, and Jun Yang,
    "Cluster Hair Model", 01/96
    ISBN 0-7731-0315-5


  • CS-95-09 [ older .ps version]
    Shinta I. Mayasari,
    "An HPSG Lexicon for a Physical Activity Database", 09/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0310-4
  • CS-95-08 [ older .ps version]
    Brock Barber and Howard J. Hamilton,
    "Attribute Selection for Generalization in the DB-Discover Knowledge Discovery Software", 09/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0309-0
  • CS-95-07 [ older .ps version]
    Y. Xiang, S.K.M. Wong, and N. Cercone,
    "A Microscopic Study of Minimum Entropy Search in Learning Decomposable Markov Networks", 08/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0308-2
  • CS-95-06 [ older .ps version]
    Colin L. Carter and Howard J. Hamilton,
    "Performance Evaluation of Attribute-Oriented Algorithms for Knowledge Discovery from Databases: Extended Report", 07/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0304-X
  • CS-95-05 (not available online)
    Carlos B. Rivera and Colin L. Carter,
    "A Tutorial Guide to DB-Discover, Version 2.0", 07/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0305-8
  • CS-95-04 [ older .ps version]
    W. Pang and S.D. Goodwin,
    "An Algorithm for Solving Constraint-Satisfaction Problems", 07/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0302-3
  • CS-95-03 [ older .ps version]
    M. Wang and C.N. Zhang,
    "A Rational Function Model of Spatial Summation and Single Neuron Computation Based on Equivalent Circuit Models", 06/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0301-5
  • CS-95-02 [ older .ps version]
    Donald O. Smith and Scott D. Goodwin
    "Constraint-Based Intelligent Scheduling", 06/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0300-7
  • CS-95-01 [ older .ps version]
    Yang Xiang and S.K.M. Wong,
    "Learning Conditional Independence Relations from a Probabilistic Model", 01/95
    ISBN 0-7731-0293-0
  • Proceedings of the TIME-95 International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning,
    Scott D. Goodwin and Howard J. Hamilton, editors,
    University of Regina.
    ISBN 0-7731-0295-7.


  • CS-94-09 [ older .ps version]
    Yang Xiang,
    "Optimization of Inter-agent Belief Updating in Multiply Sectioned Bayesian Networks", 12/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0290-6
  • CS-94-08 [ older .ps version]
    Yang Xiang,
    "A Probabilistic Framework for Multi-agent Distributed Interpretation and Optimization of Communication", 09/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0288-4
  • CS-94-07 (not available online)
    Roberts C.H. Law and R. Brien Maguire,
    "A University of Regina Object-Oriented Program Slicer", 05/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0279-5
  • CS-94-06 [ .doc version]
    Chris Hecker,
    "The Metasynthesis of Domain-Oriented Languages", 04/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0277-9
  • CS-94-05 [ older .ps version]
    Colin Carter and Howard J. Hamilton,
    "Performance Improvement in the Implementation of DBLEARN", 01/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0264-7
  • CS-94-04 [ older .ps version] (available without figures)
    Colin Carter, Howard J. Hamilton and Nick Cercone
    "The Software Architecture of DBLEARN", 01/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0263-9
  • CS-94-03 (not available online)
    L. Chen and J. Johnson
    "Relation Nets and Database Query", 01/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0262-0
  • CS-94-02 (not available online)
    Julia Johnson,
    "Semantic Relatedness", 01/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0261-2
  • CS-94-01 [ older .ps version]
    J.H. Weston, C.N. Zhang and Y.F. Yan,
    "Some Space Considerations of Space-Time Mappings into Systolic Arrays", 01/94
    ISBN 0-7731-0260-4
  • Proceedings of the TIME-94 International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning
    Scott D. Goodwin and Howard J. Hamilton, editors,
    University of Regina.
    ISBN 0-7731-0278-7.


  • CS-93-02 [ older .ps version] (available without figures)
    J. Zhang and H.J. Hamilton
    "Learning Pronunciation Rules for English Graphemes Using the Version Space Algorithm", 12/93
    ISBN 0-7731-0252-3

The technical report series from the Department of Computer Science, University of Regina has the following series number: ISSN 0828-3494