Instructions for Authors

Coordinate the following process with the Technical Reports Coordinator.


For a tech report, the Technical Reports Coordinator needs to receive

  • Title (in full) of the tech report with capitalization shown: Capitalize first word and other important words, but not "and", "by", etc. The title must be the final title of the publication.
  • For each author: author's full name, including middle name(s) not just initials.
  • A statement about whether you want both paper and electronic versions, only an electronic version, or only a paper version.
  • A complete copy of the tech report in PDF form except for a somewhat incomplete title page. The only parts that can be incomplete are the technical report number and the ISBN number(s).

Note: You must provide a complete technical report, except for some incompleteness on the title page, to ensure that the publication process is completed. Issuing a number and obtaining ISBN numbers is a fast, easy process for the Techncial Report Coordinator, once you have completed the slow, hard process of finishing the technical report. This policy is a result of unfortunate previous experiences. Sometimes those with the best of intentions concerning preparing technical reports required far more time than they anticipated or worse eventually failed to complete the process.

At this point, the Technical Reports Coordinator will obtain

  • an ISBN number for the paper version, if required
  • an ISBN number for the electronic version, if required
  • a U of R. CS tech report number

You must use these numbers to create the title page of your report.


The title page for a technical report must be in a standardized format. Sample title pages in three formats are given below:


If you requested paper versions, provide a paper copy of the tech report to the Technical Reports Coordinator. Single spacing, rather than double spacing, is recommended to save photocopy costs. Make sure that the first page is the special tech report cover page where the title and authors fit in the cut out box on a tech report cover. If this seems impractical due to your word processor, the Department Secretary can generate a separate title page for you. A sample of the cover page can be found here.


If you requested an electronic version, provide an electronic copy of the completed version of the paper, preferably as a single PDF file, to the Technical Reports Coordinator. If you have several PDF files, the Department Secretary can help you assemble them as a single PDF file. If necessary, printed material can be scanned as PDF files.


Next, you need to work with the Technical Reports Coordinator to ensure that a National Library form is completed for your technical report. At a minimum, you will need to provide a signature on a blank National Library form. (You can obtain this form from the Technical Reports Coordinator.)

As well, you need to complete the biographical and abstract sections of the Canadian Books in Print form, if the technical report is more than 69 pages long.


Finally, 10 printed copies should be requested from the Department Secretary:

  • 7 copies go to the authors
  • 1 copy for the National Library of Canada
  • 1 copy for the University of Regina Archives
  • 1 copy for the University of Regina Library circulating collection

If 100 or more copies are printed, then the number for the National Library of Canada must be increased to 2 copies.

The PDF file will be put in the directory of tech reports available via the Web.