Department of Computer Science Services

The Computer Science Department provides CS students with Linux accounts. This account is different from your University of Regina account and is managed separately.  Your Linux account is available to you while at the University taking CS classes or majoring in a CS discipline.

By default your CS Linux account will be disabled. You will have to enable it and use the given password to login to your account for the first time. Enable your account using the CS Services Account page. You can use Titan or one of the CL 115 desktops to login.

To learn more about your CS Linux student account please go to CS Student Account Policies. To manage any services associated with your CS Linux account you will have to use the CS Services area at You will login to the CS Services area using your University of Regina username and password, same as your UR Courses login.


Computer Science Services (

The Computer Science Services portal is divided into five sections.


View your previous CS Services account activity.


View and mange your CS Linux account details. You will initially have to enable your account in order to access other CS Services and login to CS Linux systems.

If you forget your CS Linux account password, you can always reset your password here. This page only provides one-time passwords. Permanent passwords must be set at login via command-line ssh or at a graphical CS Linux desktop, such as those in CL115.

If you do not have a CS Linux account created for you, this page will not exist.

WebDev MySQL

Here you can create and manage a MySQL database that you can use on the WebDev system ( You will set a MySQL password you can use for accessing your MySQL database (named to match your username) on the WebDev system. This database is only accessible from this system only and to pages hosted in your php_web folder and not any of the other CS Linux systems.

Global MySQL

Manage your Global MySQL databases. You will be able to create up to 10 separate MySQL databases that are accessible from any of the CS Linux systems. You can use this with your public_html home page, other course work and/or projects. These databases are only accessible from CS Linux systems and may not be accessed from off campus.


MSDNAA software list, a selection of Microsoft® Operating Systems, Programming Languages, and Developer Tools. This software is available for download, without cost, to students registered in a Science or Engineering class. These are full versions of Microsoft® software, with licenses. The licenses are not time-limited. Once downloaded, you may use this software forever, for any non-commercial use.


Computer Usage Policies

Appropriate Use of Computers in Computer Science

The Department endeavours to provide and maintain computing resources for graduate and undergraduate students in various labs and offices. Equipment problems should be reported to so that our technicians can implement repairs. Use this email also if you have system problems with Linux machines.

The computer facilities in the Department of Computer Science are provided for use in research and teaching only. Their use is governed by Canadian Law, University policy (including sexual harassment policy) and the Human Rights code. Individual users are responsible for compliance with these laws/policies. Users are expected to respect the privacy of other users. Tampering with or monitoring of user or system data on computers or networks is unacceptable.

Users violating use policies, applicable law and policies, or privacy guidelines will lose computer privileges.