Co-operative Education Program

Co-operative education (Co-op) is available with all Computer Science degree programs. The Co-operative education program provides students with career-related work experience while they are in school, money to finance their education, job search skills, and an improved chance of obtaining full-time employment upon graduation.

Students participate in the Co-op Program under the direction of the Department's Undergraduate Co-op Coordinator. To receive the Co-op designation upon graduation students must successfully complete 3 work terms, with fourth and fifth work terms being optional. It is strongly recommended that a student's final term be an academic one.

Following the first two semesters of University courses, students spend alternate 4-month periods taking courses and working in fully-salaried computer science related jobs with participating employers. Experience has shown that the Co-op program often improves the student's motivation and performance, and the practical experience gained frequently aids the student in choosing future areas of interest.

This Co-op program uses a full trimester year (three 4-month semesters) and thus allows completion of a 4-year degree and 12 to 20 months of practical experience in five years, with the advantage of a job during the times the student is not taking courses.