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Work Term Report FAQ

1. Report intent:

A work term report should be an account of what the student observed, did, and learned during the work term and a discussion of how the work term experience relates to the student's academic exposure to date in terms of either reinforcing or contradicting the academic exposure.

2. Report Format:

2.1. Letter of submittal. Formal business letter (include academic coordinator's name and address, and student’s name, student number, outline the report's subject, acknowledge people who helped, etc.).

2.2. Title page. Student name, student number, report title, student’s work term number (1, 2, 3, or 4), and whether report is for a single or double work term.

2.3. Table of contents. List each section of the report and page numbers. You should have a separate list for figures or tables (if applicable).

2.4. Executive summary. Justify the report's existence and briefly outline each major point of the report. Then state your conclusion in one sentence.

2.5. Main Body of the report. Must have at least five (5) but not more than seven (7) pages with 12-point font, typewritten, double-spaced pages with one-inch margins all around.

2.5.1. Introduction. Background on the report, introduction to special terms (e.g., ISAM, VSAM, FDDI, ESDN) that you will be using throughout.

2.5.2. Analysis. The body of the report that includes your discussion of alternatives, presents your arguments, etc.

2.5.3. Conclusions. Your analysis should be a buttress for your conclusions.

2.5.4. Recommendations. Not always necessary, but may be needed if you're writing an evaluation, or similar.

2.6. Appendices. Includes things like data, or code.

2.7. Bibliography. List any books, magazines, journals, FAQs you have used. This can be a good starting path for readers who're interested in learning more about the subject.