BSc Honours Program

The B.Sc. (Honours) degree is intended for undergraduates who wish to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge of Computer Science than provided in the general B.Sc. degree. Although the honours program is particularly good preparation for students wishing to go on to graduate school, it is also advantageous for those students seeking employment directly after their undergraduate education. Such a program guarantees improved skills in research, presentation, and collaboration, all of which are highly valued by employers. The Honours program supports students in two fundamental ways:

  • Flexibility to pursue areas of interest within Computer Science that may not be covered in the current course curriculum while at the same time benefiting from the mentorship of faculty.
  • Appreciation and understanding of the diverse and expansive areas of current technology through exposure to the research of their peers at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Currently the Department of Computer Science offers Honours degrees in both Computer Science and Combined Computer Science/Mathematics.