The CS 499 course is a series of seminars presented by both honours undergraduate students and graduate students. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are enrolled in CS 900, which is scheduled in the same time and place. All honours students enrolled in CS 499 are required to attend all undergraduate student presentations and at least 3 or 25% (whichever is greater) of the graduate student presentations. In addition, the student is responsible for giving one presentation in each semester of CS 499, for a total of 2 presentations. The topic of these presentations is to be determined in consultation with a faculty member of the student's choosing in the Department of Computer Science. If the student cannot find a faculty member to advise on their presentation, then the current Honours Coordinator in Computer Science will be appointed to this task. Every proposed topic requires final approval by the Seminar Coordinator for the given semester of enrolment. All students must submit an abstract of their topic prior to their presentation. The submission deadline for abstracts is set by the Seminar Coordinator at the beginning of the course.

Seminar Coordinator:
The Seminar Coordinator is appointed on an annual basis by the Department of Computer Science and will be responsible for setting the abstract deadline and seminar presentations of each student enrolled in CS 499/900. The term of a Seminar Coordinator is the length of one academic year, running from September 1st- August 31st.