Students in the Faculties of Science, Arts, Fine Arts, or Kinesiology and Health Studies may obtain a minor from the Department of Computer Science. Minors require 18 credit hours (6 courses) in the chosen discipline. Of these 6 courses, no more than two may be required by your major program. Students must attain an average of 65% in these courses to receive a minor.

Detailed program descriptions are given in the sections below. To find out more about specific courses, use the following links:
• CS course descriptions
• CTCH (Creative Technologies) course descriptions
• For descriptions of other U of R courses, go to the online course catalog, select the current/upcoming semester, and enter the subject of interest.

Minor in Computer Science
A Minor in Computer Science will develop knowledge and skills that are useful in a variety of fields. This knowledge has helped many graduates in finding good jobs.

Credit hours Computer Science Minor, required courses
3.0 CS course
3.0 CS course
3.0 CS course
3.0 CS course
3.0 300- or 400-level CS course
3.0 300- or 400-level CS course
18.0 Subtotal (65% Minor GPA required)

Minor in Creative Technologies
The minor in Creative Technologies develops skills that enable students to utilize computers in creative fields. This program is offered jointly with the Faculty of Fine Arts. For purposes of elective requirements, CTCH courses are considered to be categorized as Fine Arts.

Credit hours Creative Technologies Minor, required courses
3.0 CTCH 110
3.0 CTCH 203
3.0 CTCH 204 or CS 207
3.0 CTCH course at the 300-level
3.0 CTCH course at the 300 or 400- level
3.0 One Course from ART 223, 355, ARTH 222, CS 280,
305, 325, 327, 408, 409, CTCH 111, CTCH 200, 300 or
400-level, (including CTCH 304, 305, 402), EDTC 300,
ENGG 100, 123, ENSE 479,
MAP 300, 401, MUCO 217, 341, MUHI 304,
THDS 347
18.0 Total