Courses by Semester

Course Title Fall Winter Spring/Summer Spring Summer
CS 100 Intro to Computers  X X
CS 110 Program and Problem Solving X X X
CS 115 Object Oriented Design X X X
CS 165 Intro to Programming with Python X
CS 201 Intro to Digital Systems X X
CS 205 Intro to Multimedia Systems [even years] X
CS 207 Building Interactive Gadgets [odd years] X
CS 210 Data Structures & Abstractions X X X
CS 215 Web and Database Programming X X X
CS/Math 261 Methods in Numerical Analysis X
CS 265 Intro to Data Science (W 2024) X
CS 280 Risk and Reward in the Information Society X X
CS 301 Digital Systems Architecture X
CS 310 Discrete Computational Structures X X
CS 315 Intro to Computer Graphics X
CS 320 Intro to Artifical Intelligence X X
CS 330 Intro to Operating Systems X X
CS 335 Computer Networks X X
CS 340 Advanced Data Structures & Algorithm Design X X
CS 350 Programming Language Concepts X X
CS/Math 361 Numerical & Symbolic Computing [odd years] X
CS 365 Data Wrangling X
CS 372 Software Engineering Methodology X X
CS 375 Database and Information Retrieval X
CS 405 Computer Graphics [odd years] X
CS 409 Interactive Entertainment Software X
CS 411 Computability and Formal Languages X
CS 412 Algorithm Analysis X
CS 421 Advanced Artifical Intelligence X X
CS 425 Image Processing [odd years] X
CS 428 Human Computer Communications X
CS 458 Virtual and Augmented Reality X
CS 465 Data Mining X
CS 473 Management Support Systems [even years] X
CS 475 Advanced Topics in Database Systems [even years] X
CS 476 Software Development Project X X X
CS 496 Data Science Capstone (W 2027) X