2023 News Archive

29 March 2023: Please join us for a geology seminar series graduate student seminar in person (CW 237.1) and on Zoom Wed., Mar. 29 from 4-5 pm: Kaitlyn Crawford, MSc student - An Investigation into the Microbiology and Geochemistry of Kinetic Tests

28 March 2023: Mark your calendars for the three minute thesis (3MT) finals that will take place on 28 March 2023 at Darke Hall from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Eight students will be presenting their research in three minutes, including URegina Geology MSc students Kaitlyn Crawford and Nahanni Young! The presentations and judging will be followed by a reception. For more information, visit URegina's 3MT website.

22 March 2023: This week's seminar will be a virtual only seminar on Zoom, Wed., Mar. 22 from 4-5 pm ― Geology Seminar Series - Dr. Camille Partin - Unlocking the tectonic and geochemical history of the Paleoproterozoic Belcher Group, Nunavut

15 March 2023: Note that this week's seminar has been postponed to a date TBD in the future.

8 March 2023: Please join us on Zoom for a seminar on Wednesday, Mar. 8 at 4 pm CST: Geology Seminar Series - Dr. Christine Rasoazanamparany - Chemical and Isotopic Studies Of Monogenetic Volcanic Fields. What have we learned so far?

1 March 2023: Please join us for hybrid seminar on Wednesday, Mar. 1 at 4 pm in CW237.1 and on Zoom: Geology Seminar Series - Monica Cliveti - Erasmus Mobility for Academic Staff – Count me in!  

17 Feb 2023: Please join us for a virtual seminar on Fri., Feb. 17 at 1 pm CST (12 pm MST): Geology Special Seminar - GAC 2022 Hutchinson Medalist - Dr. Britta Jensen - The Holocene Eruption History of Mount Churchill and the White River Ash identity crisis

15 Feb 2023: Please join us for a Zoom seminar on Wed., Feb. 15, at 12 pm CST: Geology Special Seminar - Dr David Corrigan - GAC 2022 Howard Street Medallist Lecture

8 Feb 2023: Please join us for a Zoom seminar on Wed., Feb. 8, at 4 pm CST: Geology Seminar Series - Dr. Daniel Gregory - From economic geology to ocean chemistry: the wide range of information that can be obtained from a humble pyrite grain

1 Feb 2023: Please join us for a hybrid seminar in CW 237.1 or on Zoom on Wednesday, 1 Feb at 4 pm: Geology Seminar Series - B. J. Rostron, PhD, PEng, PGeo. - Lithium in saline brines (Duperow Aquifer) in southeast Saskatchewan and the importance of subsurface geology and hydrogeology

25 Jan 2023: Please join us for an in-person (sorry, no Zoom) seminar: Wed., Jan. 25 ― Geology Seminar Series - Jamie Schmidt, MSc student - The geochemical controls on mercury methylation and sulphur cycling in Prairie Pothole Region wetland complexes

1 Dec 2022: Seminar on 6 December, 12 pm CST at Bushwakker Brewpub or online via Zoom: SGS Speaker Series - Dr. Kurt Konhauser - Tracing the Evolution of Oxygen on the Ancient Earth