Alumni - Graduate Students

Arin Kitchen

MSc student (2020-2022)
Supervisor: Dr. Kathryn Bethune


Research interests
Deformation bands and their relationship to post-Athabasca faulting and unconformity-related uranium deposits: A case study of the C1 fault corridor and WS shear zone (Gryphon and Phoenix deposits) in the Wheeler River area, eastern Athabasca Basin.

Luisa Patino

MSc student (2020-2022)
Supervisor: Dr. Maria Velez

Research interests

Aquatic ecosystem’s responses to past climate variability and human activities in the neotropics

Morteza Rabiei

PhD (2016-2021)
Supervisors: Dr. Guoxiang Chi, Dr. Eric Potter

Additional information

Research topics: Fluid inclusion study of unconformity-related uranium mineralization in the Athabasca Basin: Patterson Lake Corridor and the MacArthur River uranium deposits