Kenneth Ashton

Adjunct Professor, Ph.D., P.Geo.

Phone: 306-787-1909

Research interests
Metamorphic Petrology, Geochronology, Structural Geology, Tectonics

B.Sc. (University of Toronto), M.Sc. (University of Saskatchewan), Ph.D. (Queen's University)

Current Occupation

Project Geologist with the Saskatchewan Geological Survey

Past appointments

1990-present: Saskatchewan Geological Survey (Project Geologist responsible for mapping in Precambrian Shield of Saskatchewan)
1988-89: Manitoba Energy and Mines (Contract Geologist)
1985-88: Geological Survey of Canada (Contract Geologist)
1974-84: Various summer jobs as geological assistant mainly with Geological Survey of Canada


P.Geo. (APEGS Saskatchewan)
Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada (Currently a Councillor for Precambrian Division)
Member of the Saskatchewan Geological Association 

Courses taught

Geol 315 Metamorphic Petrology
Geol 810 Advanced Metamorphic Petrology
Various Graduate Reading Classes
Co-supervised Various Undergraduate and Graduate Theses (particularly dealing with Precambrian and/or hardrock themes) 

Principle areas of interest

Precambrian Geology; Metamorphic Petrology; Geochronology; Structural Geology; Synthesizing all of the above to determine Tectonic History 

Current Research

Geology and tectonic history of the southern Rae Province in northern Saskatchewan and the flanking Taltson Orogen and Snowbird Tectonic Zone; A new Metamorphic Map of Saskatchewan 

Selelcted Recent Publications

Ashton, K.E., Card, C.D., and van Breemen, O.(2007): Recognition of Paleoproterozoic supracrustal rocks along the Snowbird Tectonic Zone and more evidence for Mesoarchean crust in the southern Rae Province: new TDM data from northwestern Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Sask. Industry Resources, Open File 2007-22, 12p.

Ashton, K.E., Hartlaub, R.P., Heaman, L.M., Morelli, R., Bethune, K.M., and Hunter, R.C. (2004): Paleoproterozoic sedimentary successions of the southern Rae Province: ages, origins, and correlations; Geol. Assoc. Can./Miner. Assoc. Can., Joint Annual Meeting, St. Catharines, CD, p434.

Ashton, K.E., Heaman, L.M., Lewry, J.F., Hartlaub, R.P. and Shi, R. (1999): Age and origin of the Jan Lake Complex: a glimpse at the buried Archean craton of the Trans-Hudson Orogen; Can. J. Earth Sci., v36, p185-208.

Ashton, K.E., Lewry, J.F., Heaman, L.M., Hartlaub, R.P., Stauffer, M.R., and Tran, H.T. (2005): The Pelican Thrust Zone: basal detachment between the Archean Sask Craton and Paleoproterozoic Flin Flon-Glennie Complex, western Trans-Hudson orogen; Can. J. Earth Sci., v42, p685-706.

Bethune, K.M., Hunter, R.C., and Ashton, K.E. (2006): Age and provenance of the Paleoproterozoic Thluicho Lake Group based on detrital zircon SHRIMP geochronology: a record of tectonic activity in the southeastern Rae Province, Saskatchewan; in Summary of Investigations 2006, Volume 2, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Saskatchewan Industry Resources, Misc. Rep. 2006-4.2, CD-ROM, Paper A-3, 24p.

Hajnal, Z., Lewry, J., White, D., Ashton, K., Clowes, R., Stauffer, M. Gyorfi, I., and Takacs, E. (2005): The Sask Craton and Hearne province margin: seismic reflection studies in the western Trans-Hudson Orogen; Can. J. Earth Sci., v42, p403-419.

Hartlaub, R.P., Chacko, T., Heaman, L.M., Creaser, R.A., Ashton, K.E., and Simonetti, T. (2005): Ancient (Meso- to Paleoarchean) crust in the Rae Province, Canada: Evidence from Sm-Nd and U-Pb constraints; Precambrian Research, v141, p137-153.

Hartlaub, R.P., Heaman, L.M., Ashton, K.E., and Chacko, T. (2004): The Archean Murmac Bay Group: evidence for a giant Archean rift in the Rae Province, Canada; Precambrian Research, v131, p345-372.

Hartlaub, R.P., Heaman, L.M., Chacko, T., and Ashton, K.E. (2007): Circa 2.3 Ga magmatism of the Arrowsmith Orogeny, Uranium City region, western Churchill Craton, Canada; Journal of Geology, v115, p181-195.

Hunter, R.C., Bethune, K.M., Yeo, G.M., and Ashton, K.E. (2004): Investigations of the Thluicho Lake Group: A stratigraphic, structural and tectonic perspective (Uranium City Project); in Summary of Investigations 2004, Volume 2, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Sask. Industry Resources, Misc. Rep. 2004-4.2,CD-ROM, Paper A-9, 14p.

Knox, B., Bethune, K.M., and Ashton, K.E. (2007): Initial constraints on the thermo-tectonic evolution of the central Beaverlodge Domain, southwestern Rae Province; Geol. Assoc. Can./Miner. Assoc. Can., Joint Annual Meeting, Yellowknife, Abstracts Volume 32, p42-43.

Tran, H.T., Ansdell, K., Bethune, K., Watters, B., and Ashton, K. (2003): Nd isotope and geochemical constraints on the depositional setting of Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks along the margin of the Archean Hearne craton, Saskatchewan, Canada; Precambrian Research, v123, p1-28.