Pier Binda

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.

E-mail: plbinda@sasktel.net
Phone: 306-585-3673
Fax: 306-585-5433

Research interests
Mineral Deposits Geology; Stratigraphy

DrSciGeol.(Pavia), Ph.D. (Alberta)

Past appointments include

Professor, Geology Department, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1975-1981; Research Geologist, Roan Consolidated Mines, Kalulushi, Zambia 1967-1975; Professore Incaricato, Geology Department, University of Pavia, Italy 1961-1963

Research Topics

Stratigraphy and mineral deposits of Proterozoic sedimentary sequences (Central Africa and Western Canada); Stratigraphy and vegetal micropaleontology of Late Cretaceous sediments of southern Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan.

Courses Taught

Environmental Geology (Geol 102): An introductory course designed to give first-year students an appreciation of the interactions between geological processes and humans.

Internal Processes of the Earth (Geol 201): A course that, although still introductory in nature, deals with earth processes at a more advanced level. Designed mainly for science majors.

Selected Recent Publications and Presentations

Mackenzie, K., Olineck. B., Meickel, S., Diaz, J., Binda, P and Velez, M. (2015). Preliminary diatom analysis of some Cretaceous formations. Poster presented at Williston Basin Petroleum Conference (WBPC) and CSPG in Regina on April 28-30, 2015 and in Calgary on May 4-8, 2015 respectively.

Binda, P.L. and Koopman, H.T. (1999). The Empire Formation in Southwestern Alberta and Southeastern British Columbia, Canada. In: R.B. Berg (ed.) Belt Symposium III, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Special Publ. 112: 56-69.

Binda, P.L. (1997). Cenozoic analogies for the Katangan Copper deposits of Zambia. In: J.M. Charlet (ed.) International Cornet Symposium "Strata-bound Copper Deposits and Associated Mineralizations", Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences, Belgium: 199-218.

Cailteaux, J., Binda, P.L., Kampunzu, A.B., Katekesha, W.M., Kaunda, C. and Wendoroff, M. (1995). Results of lithostratigraphic correlation of the Late Proterozoic Roan Supergroup between Zambia and Zaire, Central African Copperbelt. Royal Museum of Central Africa (Belgium). Ann. Sci. Geol., 101: 21-27.

Binda, P.L. (1995). Stratigraphy of Zambian Copperbelt Orebodies. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 19: 251-264.