Brian Watters

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.

Research interests
Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry

B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D. (Cape Town)

Past appointments include

Senior Geologist, Geological Survey of South Africa, 1976 ; Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Geological Sciences, University of British Columbia, 1975; Research Associate, Precambrian Research Unit, University of Cape Town, 1969-1974; Geologist on the Ninth South African National Antarctic Expedition in Western Queen Maud Land, 1967-1969.

Research Topics

Petrology, geochemistry and tectonic setting of Proterozoic igneous rock suites. Present and recent studies have been conducted on: volcanic and intrusive rock units of the La Ronge Domain in the Trans-Hudson Orogen of the Saskatchewan Shield; the Amisk Group volcanics in the Flin Flon - Amisk Lake - Hanson Lake area of northern Saskatchewan; volcanic and intrusive rocks of the Jutulstraumen Group, Western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.

Courses Taught

Environmental Geology (Geol 102): An introductory course designed to give first-year students an appreciation of the interactions between geological processes and humans.

Internal Processes of the Earth (Geol 201): A course that, although still introductory in nature, deals with earth processes at a more advanced level. Designed mainly for science majors.

Igneous Petrology I (Geol 313): A course that is concerned primarily with the classification and geneisi of igneous rocks.

Igneous Petrology II (Geol 413): Advanced study of the magmatic processes and the characteristics and genesis of igneous rock suites and associations.

Various post-graduate (G800 level) and high-level undergraduate (G400 level) courses on topics in the general fields of Geochemistry, Igneous Petrology and Precambrian geology.

Selected Publications

Maxeiner, R.O., Sibbald, T.I.I., Slimmon, W.L., Heaman, L.M. and Watters, B.R. (1998). Lithogeochemistry and U-Pb geochronology of volcano-plutonic assemblages and gneissic complexes of the southern Hanson Lake Block and Glennie Domain, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Saskatchewan. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Special Volume 36, No. 2.

Watters, B.R. (1997). Compilation of Lithogeochemical Data for Northern Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Summary of Investigations 1997, Report 97-4: 139-140.

Maxeiner, R.O., Watters, B.R. and Sibbald, T.I.I. (1995). Syngenetic alteration haloes within Paleoproterozoic metavolcanic rocks at Hanson Lake, Saskatchewan (Canada). Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Monatshefte, 11: 481-507.

Watters, B.R., Dostal, J., Slimmon, W.L. and Thomas, D.J. (1994). Geochemistry, petrogenesis and tectonic setting of Early Proterozoic volcanic rocks of the Flin Flon Domain, Saskatchewan (Canada): Oceanic back-arc volcanism. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Monatshefte, 9: 416-432.