Tsilavo Raharimahefa

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Office: CW 234.2
E-mail: Tsilavo.Raharimahefa@uregina.ca
Phone: 1-306-585-4987
Fax: 1-306-585-5433

Current classes
Geol 315 - Metamorphic Petrology; Geol 490AJ - Geomodelling Applied to Mineral Exploration; Geol 460 - Applied Exploration Geophysics

Research interests
Structural Geology; Tectonics; Remote Sensing and GIS; Gemstones and their origins; Structural Control of Mineral Deposits

B.Sc. (Université d'Antananarivo, Madagascar); M.Sc. (Saint Louis University, USA); Post-Master's Graduate GIS (Saint Louis University, USA); Ph.D. (Saint Louis University, USA); Postdoctoral (Laurentian University, Canada)

Expertise and areas of study:

Dr. Tsilavo Raharimahefa's expertise is mainly in the field of structural geology and tectonic evolution of both oceanic and continental lithospheres. He also focuses on the application of geochronology and lithogeochemistry to various problems in tectonics, and application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in geological mapping, structural analyses, mineral exploration and geological modeling, neotectonics and tectonic geomorphology.

His current research topics include: 1) understanding of continental rift initiation and understanding of the interplays between Quaternary volcanism and pre-existing Precambrian basement structures; 2) kinematics of shear zones and emplacement of syntectonic granitoids; 3) Interplays between structural features, climate change, and landscape evolution; 3) Remote sensing and near-surface geophysics of high-strain zones; and 4) Origin and tectonic significance of deformation bands in Karoo sandstone.

Prior to joining the University of Regina, Dr. Raharimahefa was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Laurentian University, Ontario (2009-2011), and Visiting Assistant Professor at Earlham College, Indiana USA (2008-2009).

Dr. Raharimahefa is Editorial Board Member of “Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism” and “Madagascar Conservation and Development”

Courses Taught

GEOL102: Environmental Geology

GEOL 201: Internal Processes of the Earth

GEOL 240: Earth System History

GEOL315: Metamorphic Petrology

GEOL353: Structural Geology I

GEOL453: Structural Geology II (Advanced structural geology)

GEOL 460: Applied Exploration Geophysics

GEOL 490 AJ: Geomodelling Applied to Mineral Exploration

GEOL 490AH: Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Geological and Geophysical Mapping

GEOL 496:  Geology Field Camp II (Geological study and mapping in the Flin Flon)

GEOL 400AA, 400AB: Honours Thesis in Geology

Geol 880AD: Advanced Geomodelling

GEOL900: Seminar in Earth Science 

GEOL 901: Graduate Research

Selected recent publications:

Yang, M., Zhao, F., Liu, X, Zhang, F, Qing, H., Raharimahefa, T., Duan, W., 2020. Petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of granitoids at Machangquing Cu-Mo (Au) deposit, Western Yangtze Craton: constraints from Zircon U-Pb and Molybdenite Re-Os geochronology, Lu-Hf isotope and geochemistry. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. https://doi.org/10.1139/cjes-2019-0124

Raharimahefa, T., Rasoazanamparany, C., 2018. Geomorphological classification of volcanic cones in the Itasy Volcanic Field, Central Madagascar. International Journal of Geology and Earth Sciences 4 (4), 14-34.

Randrianaly, H.N., Di Cencio, A. Rajaonarivo, A., Raharimahefa, T., 2016. A proposed geoheritage inventory system: Case study of Isalo National Park, Madagascar. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 4, 163-172.

Randrianaly, H.N., Raharimahefa, T., Rajaonarivo, A., Di Cencio, A. and Tolimasy, D.H., 2015. Instauration of Geopark Pilot: Preliminary Approach in Implementation Process of Geoconservation at Isalo National Park, Madagascar. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 3, 25-40.

Raharimahefa T., Lafrance B., Tinkham, D., 2014. New Structural, Metamorphic, and U-Pb Geochronological on the Blezardian orogeny and Yavapai Orogeny in the Southern Province, Sudbury, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 51(8), 750-774.

Raharimahefa T., Kusky. T.M., Toraman, E., Rasoazanamparany, C., Rasaonina, I., 2013. Geometry and kinematics of the late Proterozoic Angavo shear zone, central Madagascar: implication for Gondwana assembly. Tectonophysics 592, 113-129.

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