Hairuo Qing

Professor, Ph.D., P.Geo.

Office: CW 234.6
Phone: 306-585-4677
Fax: 306-585-5433

Current classes
Geol 240 - Earth System History; Geol 340 - Statigraphy; Geol 416 - Geology of Carbonate Rocks

Research interests
Carbonate Geology and Geochemistry

Ph.D. (McGill University; Dean's Honor List); M.Sc. (McGill University); B.Sc. (Chengdu University of Technology, China)

Expertise and areas of study:

Dr. Hairuo Qing's expertise is mainly in the field of characterization and modeling of carbonate reservoirs with respect to: 1) petrography and geochemistry of carbonate rocks, especially dolomitization and its control on reservoir development in the sedimentary basins; 2) development of effective exploration and production strategies, particularly related to the prediction of reservoir distribution and performance; and 3) evaluation of CO2 storage and sequestration using existing hydrocarbon reservoirs. I am also working on secular variation of isotopic composition of seawater in the geologic history and exploring the possible forcing mechanism for these changes; and reconstruction paleoclimate changes in geologic history based on the isotopic records from speleothems.

Dr. Qing is Editor in Chief of "Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology", Associate Editor of "Sedimentology", Editorial Board Member of "Petroleum" and "Journal of Palaeogeography", and has served as Guest Editor for "Minerals".

Courses Taught:

Geol 240 - Historic Geology

Geol 340 - Stratigraphy

Geol 416 - Carbonate Rocks

Geol 396 - Field Course I

Geol 870 - Recent Advances in Geochemistry

Geol 840 - Topics in Sedimentology

Selected recent publications:

Feng MS, Meng WB, Zhang CG, Qing H, Chi G, Wang J, Peng YW, Wen GH, 2021, Geochronology and geochemistry of the ‘green-bean rock’ (GBR, a potassium-rich felsic tuff) in the western m argin of the Yangtze platform , SW China: Significance for the Olenekian-Anisian boundary and the Paleo-Tethys tectonics. Lithos 382–383 (2021).

Guo C, Chen, DZ, Qing, H., Zhou, XQ, Ding, Y. 2020, Early dolomitization and recrystallization of the Lower-Middle Ordovician carbonates in western Tarim Basin (NW China), Marine and Petroleum Geology, v.111, p332-349.

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Yang, MM., Zhao, FF., Liu, XF., Qing, H., Chi, G., Li XY., Duan, WJ., and Lai, CK., 2020, Contribution of magma mixing to the formation of porphyry-skarn mineralization in a post-collisional setting: The Machangqing Cu-Mo-(Au) deposit, Sanjiang tectonic belt, SW China, Ore Geology Reviews, v122, p.1-21.

Yang, MM., Zhao, FF., Liu, XF., Qing, H., Raharimahefa, T., and Duan, WJ., 2020, Petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of granitoids at Machangqing Cu–Mo (Au) Deposit, Western Yangtze Craton, SW China: Constraints from Zircon U-Pb and Molybdenite Re-Os Geochronology, Lu-Hf isotope and Geochemistry, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

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