Leslie Robbins

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Department Head

Office: CW 234.7
E-mail: Leslie.Robbins@uregina.ca (research and teaching); geol.head@uregina.ca (Departmental Head correspondence)
Phone: 306-337-2124
Website: https://www.lesliejrobbins.com/

Current classes
Geol240 - Earth System History, Geol270 - Earth Resources and the Environment, Geol307 - Geochemistry, Geol476 - Principles of Groundwater Flow

Research interests
Geobiology; Geochemistry; Earth Systems Evolution; Biogeochemical Cycling; Chemostratigraphy

Dr Leslie Robbins is a geobiologist and the Department of Geology Department Head (2023-2026).

B.Sc.  (University of Alberta), M.Sc. (University of Alberta), Ph.D. (University of Alberta)

Expertise and areas of study:

Dr. Leslie Robbins’ expertise is primarily in the field of geobiology low-temperature aqueous geochemistry. His research involves using the geochemistry of chemical sediments (e.g., banded iron formations) and siliciclastics (e.g., shales) to examine how the chemistry of Earth’s surface environments have evolved, in tandem with life, over the last 4 billion years. Additional areas of interest include the cycling of major and trace elements in modern and ancient environments, as well as particle surface reactivity and bioremediation.

Prior to joining the University of Regina, Dr. Robbins was a Donnelley Environmental Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University (2018-2020).

Current projects:

1) Chemostratigraphic insights on the evolution of surface environments and life over Earth's history using high-resolution sampling to look at the trace element contents of banded iron formations and shales in Archean to Paleoproterozoic successions. This work is aimed at elucidating new insights into the availability and controls (weathering, environmental oxygenation, tectonics) on trace elements in Earth’s ancient oceans and the implications for the evolution of life. This work is supported by a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Discovery Grant.

2) Rare earth elements in secondary sources in the western Canadian sedimentary basin – I am interested in looking at rare earth element contents in subsurface brines, coals, and coal fly-ash and the associated geological and mineralogical controls.

Selected recent publications:

Boden, J.S., Konhauser, K.O., Robbins, L.J., and Sánchez-Baracaldo, P. (2021) Timing the evolution of antioxidant enzymes in cyanobacteria. Nature Communications 12: 4742.

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