Student Research

Graduate Research

Graduate research is the major component of our M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. Click the following to find more about these programs.


Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an important component of our Geology and Environmental Geoscience programs, mainly through undergraduate theses, directed reading courses and research assistantships. Research topics are diverse and may include geological mapping, microscopic studies, geochemical analyses, and computer modeling, etc. In addition to increasing their knowledge on the most recent scientific findings, learning technical field and lab procedures/skills and improving their skills in critical thinking, data analysis, writing and presentation, undergraduate students make important contributions to our research programs.

Most B.Sc. theses involve an applied component, where students partake in hands-on field investigation of geological phenomenon, in wide-ranging settings from the Precambrian shield to the Quaternary deposits in Saskatchewan and elsewhere in Canada and abroad. Many of these field-based research projects are carried out in collaboration with geological surveys and industrial partners, and many of them involve laboratory components providing opportunities of collaboration with researchers from other institutions. Examples of undergraduate theses in our department can be found here.

Every year, our undergraduate students are encouraged to present their research results at various international, national and provincial conferences where many have won top prizes for their poster and oral presentations and made valuable contacts for future employment. Conferences include the Saskatchewan Geological Survey Open House, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention (the World’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention), Geological and Mineralogical Associations of Canada (GAC-MAC), Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), Canadian Paleontological Conference, Geological Society of America, to name just a few. Many of our B.Sc. students also present at the annual Western Inter-University Geosciences Conference (WIUGC) organized and hosted by Geoscience students from western Canadian universities.

Undergraduate students interested in research opportunities could start by volunteering in a lab, undertaking an undergraduate thesis under the supervision of a professor, enrolling in a research-oriented reading course or through research assistantships such as USRA or FGSR Undergraduate Research Award. Note, undergraduate theses are worth 6 credit hours, which can be taken in one semester or split in two semesters, with course numbers of Geol 400AA, 400AB, and 400AC, respectively. Undergraduate theses can be taken both for the B.Sc. Honours and B.Sc. programs.

Interested students should contact individual faculty members for research opportunities and information about research areas and facilities.


Sampling Lake sediments (Margo Lake): from left to right, Tyrin Foley (undergrad field assistant), Maria Velez (professor), Nicole Barber (MSc student), Joshua Okonye (undergrad field assistant), and Jennya Kistanov (undergrad field assistant)