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The research activities in the Department of Geology can be grouped into hard rock, soft rock, and geofluids in terms of research fields, and into hydrocarbon resources, mineral resources, and environmental geoscience according to the fields of application.

Our research faculty members, graduate students and collaborators are active in geoscience research in various parts of Saskatchewan, Canada and elsewhere in the world as well as laboratory-based research.

Since its inception, the Department of Geology has derived great benefit and support from its close, cordial and continuing research collaboration with the Saskatchewan Geological Survey and the Saskatchewan Research Council. On the 'soft rock' side, both the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC-Calgary) and the Saskatchewan Geological Survey - Subsurface Laboratory and core depository constitutes an invaluable research resource. Similarly, a large amount of research and student support (both for field and laboratory work) has come from the Precambrian Division of the Saskatchewan Geological Survey.