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Note, for new Pre-SW student group advising as part of the UR Beginning events, please register on the UR Beginning page.

You may also wish to view our events calendar, for upcoming advising & practicum related events.


  1. Choose a category of appointment to open the list of options.
  2. Click on appointment type (e.g. Prospective Student, Pre-Social Work Student), click NEXT.
  3. Type your location or click ‘use my location’, then search by clicking ‘enter’ or the magnifying glass icon. Note, if you are located more than 250 km from one of our campus locations, for in-person and telephone advising, search and select 'Regina' or 'Saskatoon'; for online advising (workshops, group advising and info. sessions) search 'online'.  Online will only appear if the type of appointment you chose is offered online.
  4. Select a location from the list that appears, and click NEXT.
  5. Allow the system to ‘pick staff member’ for you, or scroll to select a specific advisor.
  6. Select your appointment time and click NEXT.
  7. Fill in your contact information, and respond to the questions as applicable.  Here is where you can indicate if you’d like your appointment to be by phone or in person.  Click NEXT.
  8. Congratulations – your appointment has been booked!  You will receive a confirmation e-mail, with a link to cancel your appointment if needed.