Practicum Application Deadlines
Jan. 15 Fall Practicum
May 15 Winter Practicum
International Portfolio Deadlines
Mar. 31 Fall Practicum
Jun. 30 Winter Practicum
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Practicum Application Form (fillable)

Professional social work education involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills through academic study and through supervised practice, which is called practicum. In the BSW Program, students will complete two of these field education experiences in SW 348 & SW 448.

Practicum involves direct practice in social work agencies and other settings in which students are exposed to situations that call for their active engagement in a helping role. Students are also expected to carry a reduced workload, subject to close supervision by the agency.

Seminars are conducted to provide students with an additional source of theoretical learning related to the practicum experience. Opportunities to share learning are also provided to students through case presentation and the study of emerging practice issues amongst a group of peers experiencing practicum in different agency settings.

Academic Eligibility Requirements:

SW 348: Practicum I
Courses:  SW 100, SW 346, SW 390 and 6 other SW credit hours
GPA: 70% on the Social Work section of the BSW

SW 448: Practicum II
Courses:  SW 100, SW 202, SW 346, SW 347, SW 348, SW 350, SW 390, SW 421, SW 451, SW 460 and SW 469
GPA: 70% on the Social Work section of the BSW

*Students are required to have successfully completed the courses listed prior to enrolling in practicum.
** Students must have a minimum grade point average of 70% in the Social Work section of their BSW.