General University Studies Courses (Open Electives)

General University Studies (GUS) courses are any university course at the 100 level or higher, with the exception of Social Work and Indigenous Social Work courses. A selection of courses from any of the following subject areas are recommended as part of the General University Studies section of the Bachelor of Social Work program.  This list is intended to give students a starting point towards completing the GUS section of the BSW.

  • ANTH – Anthropology
  • CREE – Cree Language
  • DENE – Dene Language
  • ECON – Economics
  • ENST – Environmental Studies
  • HIST – History
  • HS – Health Studies
  • ILP – Intercultural Leadership
  • INDG – Indigenous Studies
  • INDL – Indigenous Languages
  • INHS – Indigenous Health Studies
  • INA – Indian Art
  • INAH – Indian Art History
  • IS – International Studies
  • JS – Justice Studies
  • KHS/KIN – Kinesiology & Health Studies
  • LG – Local Government Authority
  • MAP – Media, Art, and Performance
  • NSLI – Non-profit Sector Leadership & Innovation
  • PHIL – Philosophy
  • PSCI – Political Science
  • PSYC – Psychology
  • RLST – Religious Studies
  • WGST – Women’s & Gender Studies
  • SAUL – Saulteaux Language Studies
  • SOC – Sociology
  • SOST – Social Studies

Please keep in mind these subject areas in particular are recommendations, and although students must complete 30 credit hours of GUS electives within the BSW program, it is not required that students complete courses in all of the above subject areas. There is not a limit set on the number of introductory courses students may use as GUS electives in the BSW; however, it may be in a student's best interest to build upon introductory courses by taking advanced courses in the same subject area. All course descriptions are available through the Course Catalog.