Stale Dated Courses


Required* Social Work courses taken more than 10 years prior to commencing a practicum in the BSW are considered 'stale dated'.  Students will be required to update their knowledge by repeating stale dated Social Work courses.

This policy excludes Social Work elective courses and general university courses.

Social Work courses that have contributed to completed Social Work credentials (i.e. certificate or diploma) will not be subject to this stale-dating policy.

*Required Social Work courses in the current BSW Program are:

  • SW 100
  • SW 202
  • SW 346
  • SW 347
  • SW 350
  • SW 390
  • SW 421
  • SW 451
  • SW 460
  • SW 469
  • One of the following: SW 405, SW 480AI, INSW 414, INSW 437