Transfer Credit

Important BSW Deadlines
Jan. 15 BSW Application for Admission
Jan. 31 Spring Convocation
Jan. 15 Fall Practicum
July 31 Fall Convocation
May 15 Winter Practicum
Pre-Social Work Admission Deadlines
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Students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours of the social work portion of the BSW through the University of Regina. This means that a maximum of 18 credit hours of social work courses can be transferred from other universities into the social work studies section of the current program.

Courses taken prior to admission to Faculty of Social Work

Students who have successfully completed U of R courses at the 100 level or higher prior to being admitted to the Faculty of Social Work will be able to use those courses towards the BSW as long as they fit into our program.

If students have attended other post-secondary institutions prior to admission to the Faculty of Social Work at the U of R, their transcripts will be evaluated by an Academic Program Advisor upon admission to our Faculty, and transfer credit will be granted where applicable.

Students holding a three-year or four-year degree will be given credit for the general university studies section of the BSW, provided the equivalents to each of our required courses in that portion have been completed. Grades obtained in courses taken from other institutions are not included in calculating grade point averages, except for admission to the BSW.

Courses taken after admission to Faculty of Social Work

Students who wish to complete courses through post-secondary institutions other than the University of Regina should refer to the Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide before requesting a letter of permission from the Faculty of Social Work, to ensure that the courses are transferable to the University of Regina.

A letter of permission must be requested in writing from the Faculty of Social Work Student Services Office. If permission is granted, we will send the letter to the host institution and a copy to the student. We require the following information from students requesting a letter of permission:

  • The institution from which courses will be taken, and
  • The specific courses to be registered in, and
  • The expected date of commencement.

Please use the pdf Letter of Permission Request Form.

Students should not take courses from another university if they are registered in 15 credit hours through the University of Regina. Fifteen credit hours per semester is considered to be a full course load. The Faculty of Social Work does not provide letters of permission for students who are registered in another faculty.

Once students have successfully completed courses taken outside of the University of Regina, they must request the institution to forward one official transcript to the University of Regina Admissions Office so official transfer credit can be given.

Please refer to the Residency & Transfer Credit policies in the Social Work section of the Undergraduate Calendar.