Completed Theses in the Master of Social Work Program

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Recently Submitted MSW Theses

Kim Pelletier, Professional Practice Competencies of Social Workers Employed in Mental Health and Addiction Settings within Saskatchewan: A Phenomenological Inquiry, 2022

Amanda Mihalicz, Phenomenological Study of the Maternal Experiences of Women with Schizophrenia, 2022

Virginia Beebe, In Between: A Case Study of Frontline Workers and Response to Suicide, 2021

Latoya Reid, The Portrayal of Central American Migrants in North American Media: A Critical Discourse Analysis, 2021

Erin McLeod, An Exploratory Study of the Collaborative Divorce Process from the Perspective of Collaborative Professionals, 2020

Malaya Alexander, Lived Experiences of Sexual Violence in Tondo, Manila, Philippines: Envisioning Change Through Body Mapping, 2020

Markus Beveridge, Prevention is Difficult, but Possible: A Multiple Case Study Examining the Integration of Prevention Activities in School Social Work Practice in an Urban Centre in Saskatchewan, 2020

Amanda Hahn, Transitioning from Curative Care to End-of-Life Care in the Acute Care-Hospital: A Hermeneutical Phenomenological Study, 2020