Professional Ethics & Responsibilities

CASW Code of Ethics

CASW Guidelines for Ethical Practice

SASW Standards

Evaluation of Professional Responsibilities

The granting of a degree by the University of Regina constitutes acknowledgment that students are deemed qualified and suitable as social work practitioners upon graduation, and that they will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. Unprofessional conduct by students may have direct repercussions for the people social workers serve and the profession of social work, as well as the Faculty of Social Work and the University.

Action may be taken any time a student is suspected of unsatisfactory performance of professional responsibilities. If an instructor, faculty member, Field Education Coordinator, Field Liaison, Field Instructor or student identifies a student demonstrating unsatisfactory performance of professional responsibilities a complaint can be made in writing and submitted to the Dean of the Faculty of Social Work. All procedures for handling such complaints are outlined in our policy on pdf Student Professional Suitability and the Regulations Governing Discipline for Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct.

Students may be required to discontinue from their program for reasons of unsatisfactory professional development and/or conduct.

Ethical Use of Social Media

Social Work students and professionals are increasingly using and relying upon social media, and therefore, guidelines are necessary in order to protect us, and those with whom we work from potentially harmful consequences.  Please refer to our policy on pdf Ethical Use of Social Media for guidelines.