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Important Admission Dates:
Oct. 1st
BSW Application Opens
Jan. 15th BSW Application & Transcript Deadline (11:59 p.m.) Note, our offices close at 4:30 p.m.
Varying Pre-SW admission is possible each semester; deadlines vary, please visit the Future Students website.

Now that you have decided to pursue social work education at the University of Regina, please choose an option below to start your application! 

Which Social Work Program am I Eligible to Apply for?

If you aren't sure if you're eligible to apply to the Bachelor of Social Work, or if you will need to start in the Pre-Social Work program, you may find this short eligibility questionnaire helpful:

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Apply to the Pre-Social Work Program!

  • Please refer to the Future Students website for application deadlines.
  • Current U of R Students in other faculties: this will be a faculty transfer.
  • Future U of R Students: this will be your application for admission to the University.
  • Application Type: Choose a general type: mature, high school, college/university, international, etc. Do not choose 'Bachelor of Social Work'!
  • Planned Program of Study: 'Pre-Social Work'
  • Level: 'Undergraduate'

Apply to the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program!

Application for the 2023 BSW intake is Now closed, Will open again on October 1, 2023

Note, Pre-SW application (above) is available every term. 


  • Application Type: you must select 'Bachelor of Social Work'. Do not choose a general type, such as mature, high school, college/university, international, etc.
  • Planned Program of Study: 'Bachelor of Social Work'
  • Level: 'Undergraduate'
  • Admission to the BSW is for the 2023 Spring/Summer semester (May-August); however, students who gain admission also have the option to start in Fall 2023.

Information / Preparation Session:

Before applying, it is recommended that you watch an online BSW Application Preparation Session Passcode: kP.1%Fz9 (available from October to January). For details, please visit our events calendar.  



There is no fee to apply to the BSW Program. However, there is an application fee to apply for admission to the University of Regina. BSW applicants who are NEW to the University of Regina must pay the application fee. Current University of Regina students have already paid this fee and may select 'pay later' to avoid paying it a second time. Applicants must choose a payment option to successfully submit the application!


We require that applicants submit up-to-date, official transcripts from any other post-secondary institutions they have attended (we do not require U of R transcripts).  Official transcripts must be submitted in an institution-sealed envelope by January 15th of the application year.  For more information, please refer to our academic requirements.


Applicants will receive confirmation of successful submission, and it is highly advisable to print this confirmation for your records.