Saskatoon Campus

At the University of Regina (U of R), students in Saskatoon who wish to complete the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, enroll in Social Work courses at the Saskatoon Campus.  Saskatoon Campus is housed within Innovation Place, which is located slightly north of the main University of Saskatchewan (U of S) campus.  Our Saskatoon Campus is equipped with a full complement of faculty and staff, including academic advisors and practicum personnel.   

The BSW program is comprised of 57 credit hours of General University Studies courses, and 63 credit hours of Social Work courses.  To complete the BSW from our Saskatoon Campus, we are pleased to offer two different study paths:

The U of R Approach: One University, One Degree.

Students at our Saskatoon Campus can complete the entire BSW Program through the U of R, without needing to attend another institution.  For the first two years, students following the U of R Approach will take a combination face-to-face, live video stream and online courses.  During the final two years of the program, students typically complete their social work courses, including two practicum placements.

The Blended Approach: Diversity of Two Institutions. 

Students may apply for admission to both the U of S (often in the College of Arts & Science) and the U of R (Faculty of Social Work, Pre-Social Work Program).  Following the Blended Approach, students may take the General University Studies section of the BSW program through the U of S, or a combination of courses through both the U of S and the U of R (60 credit hours), and the Social Work section through the U of R (60 credit hours).  

Students following the Blended Approach are responsible for submitting their U of S transcripts to Enrollment Services at the U of R each and every time they wish to have transfer credit applied to their U of R record; please see our section on transfer credit for further details. 

Students at our Saskatoon campus have access to U of R services, such as the library, the Student Success Centre, Counselling Services and the Centre for Student Accessibility.  Students who choose the Blended Approach for the BSW degree are also eligible to access U of S services, such as library, computer lab and recreational facility use.

Regardless of which path they choose, it is highly recommended that students at our Saskatoon Campus seek early academic advising from the Faculty of Social Work, U of R.  Students who are considering taking their BSW or MSW at our Saskatoon campus may refer to our Saskatoon Student Handbook (located on the top left of this page) for further campus details.

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