Takhmina Shokirova, BA, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: Saskatoon Campus, The Concourse Building, Room 111.34
E-mail: takhmina.shokirova@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 664-7375
Fax: (306) 664-7131

Research interests
Takhmina’s research interests are connected to the topics of migration and forced displacement, child welfare, violence against women, gender equity and international social work. Her current research projects are primarily focused on the experiences of international students in Canada, and the transformation of gender relations in the context of labour migration from Tajikistan to Russia. Takhmina situates her research in transnational feminism, intersectionality, anti-oppressive, and post-structural theoretical approaches.

Takhmina is based in Saskatoon Campus. Before joining the University of Regina in July 2021, Takhmina worked as a part-time contract faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University, teaching courses about transnational social work, international development, international human rights, children’s rights, globalization, and qualitative research methods and analysis.

Takhmina completed her PhD at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2021. For her PhD dissertation, she explored how gender relations change among Tajik migrant workers in Russia. Takhmina is a qualitative researcher and engages with narrative, ethnographic, and PAR research traditions.  

Takhmina was born and raised in Tajikistan. Before her academic life, she was involved in program development and delivery. She worked for a number of international NGOs in various professional capacities, primarily in the areas of juvenile justice, children’s rights, youth, women’s rights, and human rights.

In both her academic and professional practice, Takhmina adopts the principles of collegiality, collaboration, and participation  stemming from her personal values of social justice, respect for people, equity, diversity, and inclusion.


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Shokirova, T. (2022). Familial Tensions: Morphing Gender Relations of Power Among Tajik Migrant Workers in Russia. Affilia. https://doi.org/10.1177/08861099221096453

Suarez, E. B., Logie, C., Arocha, J. F., Sanchez, H., & Shokirova, T. (2021). Contesting everyday violence: Resilience pathways of gay and transgender youth in Peru. Global Public Health16(5), 706–728. https://doi.org/10.1080/17441692.2020.1856397

Conference Proceedings and other Knowledge Mobilization Events (past 2 years)

Shokirova, T. A Pioneer Scarf. Online museum exhibition: “The Soviet Central Asia in 100 Objects”, University of Oxford. Story is available at:  https://www.cabinet.ox.ac.uk/pioneer-scarf-tajikistan-0

Brunner, L., Shokirova, T., Karki, K., Valizadeh, N., Coustere, C. (May, 2022). University Orientation or Newcomer Integration? A Collaborative Autoethnography of International Student Settlement in Canada. Annual Conference of the Canadian Sociological Association.

Coustere, C., Brunner, L., Shokirova, T., Karki, K., Valizadeh, N. (May, 2022). International Graduate Students as a Source of Labour in Canada. Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of High Education.

Brunner, L., Shokirova, T., Valizadeh, N., Coustere, C., Karki, K. (November 2021). Reimagining the Orientation of International Students in Canadian Universities. Pathway to Prosperity National Conference: Post-COVID Strategies to Address Enduring Challenges in the Settlement and Integration of Newcomers in Canada.


  • PhD in Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
  • MA in Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, USA
  • MA in International Law and Human Rights, University for Peace, Costa Rica
  • BA in International Relations, Russian Tajik Slavonic University, Tajikistan