Raven Sinclair, BA, CISW, BISW, MSW, PhD


Office: Saskatoon Campus, The Concourse Building, Room 111.9
E-mail: raven.sinclair@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 664-7372
Fax: (306) 664-7131

Research interests
Indigenous child welfare, transracial adoption, the Sixties Scoop, Indigenous research methodologies and research ethics, communication theory, settler colonialism and biopolitics, intergenerational trauma and trauma interventions.

Raven Sinclair is Cree/Assinniboine/Saulteaux/Métis and a member of George Gordon First Nation of the Treaty #4 area of southern Saskatchewan. She is a direct descendent of two signatories to Treaty 4. Raven has been with the faculty since July 2005 and was previously on faculty with the First Nations University of Canada. She has taught at Masckwacis Cultural College, and the access division of Calgary's Faculty of Social Work, and lectured for Laurentian, USask, and Wilfred Laurier in their Centre for Indigegogy. Raven is an editorial board member for Genealogy: An open access journal of MDPI, and Memorial University journal Intersectionalities: A global journal of social work analysis, research, polity, and practice.

Raven's academic interests include Indigenous knowledge and research methodologies, intergenerational trauma and recovery, communication theory and training, and racism and lateral violence intervention. Raven balances her academic work with public speaking (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3vz5gAIyQ4&t=663s) and consulting in the areas of research, child welfare legal cases, and film/tv/theatre. She is the Director of “There is a Truth to be Told: The Sixties Scoop in Splatsin (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4utptWtp4I&t=987s), and an Executive Producer on “Trouble in the Garden” - a feature film by Antiamnesiac Productions starring Cara Gee, Frank Moore, and Fiona Reed (https://gem.cbc.ca/media/trouble-in-the-garden/s1244). She is currently working on a six-part TV series for a popular TV streaming service and a theatrical production out of Toronto.

Raven is mother to an amazing teen and in her spare time, she renovates houses and plays chess. She is the owner of Raven Sinclair Consulting in Saskatoon.

Selected Publications:

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