About Us

The Faculty of Social Work boasts an exceptional team of more than 35 knowledgeable and approachable faculty, staff and sessional lecturers, all dedicated to the educational and professional success of our students.

Several of our academic faculty members are research associates with our Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC).  As research associates, they facilitate social policy and practice research to promote social justice and foster individual, family and community development. 

Our faculty members also maintain close working relationships with voluntary agencies, government departments, community groups, and national and international research groups / networks in order to contribute to informed social policy and human service developments.

First Nations / Aboriginal communities in Canada, particularly in Saskatchewan, are important and essential communities to which the Faculty of Social Work responds. As educators, we work closely with the School of Indigenous Social Work (SISW) at the First Nations University of Canada, and Aboriginal content is present in all of our courses, both undergraduate and graduate.  Most of our courses provide students with the option of completing assignments on Aboriginal issues as they can research, present and write on topics relating to Aboriginal concerns.

In our educational programs, research and community involvement, our emphasis is on the promotion of diversity, social justice and empowerment.