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Fall 2021 Practicum Information Session

Wed., Jan. 27, 2021 6:00 p.m. - Wed., Jan. 27, 2021 8:00 p.m.

Location: Online Zoom

Zoom link will be emailed to the students who applied for practicum prior to the information sessions.

Practicum: SW348 and SW448 Information Session

Getting Started in Practicum:

Step 1: Submit your Practicum Application Form by the Application Deadline

Step 2: Attend a Practicum Information Session

Step 3. Attend a Practicum Placement Meeting


Winter Practicum – May 15th

Spring/Summer and Fall Practicums – January 15th

NOTE: Once your practicum application form is received and processed, you will receive an email with details regarding MANDATORY Practicum Information Sessions and placement meetings.

All BSW students planning to take Practicum are expected to attend an Information Session after applying for a practicum placement Pre-registration is not required for the face-to-face sessions, but is required for the online sessions. Information sessions are held jointly for SW 348 Practicum 1 and SW 448 Practicum 2.

Students can attend any Practicum Information Session offered on the U of R Regina and U of R Saskatoon campuses, regardless of home campus. With all these options it is the Faculty of Social Work's expectation that practicum candidates attend one of the many sessions offered AND adjust their personal and work schedules to do so.

To be eligible for practicum, students are required to have:

A minimum 70% GPA in the social work section of the BSW

Completed all pre-requisite courses by the end of the term prior to commencing in the placement.

Note: Placement availability is limited and priority for placement is given to students who follow the recommended BSW sequencing which places Practicum I in the second last term of the BSW Program, and Practicum II in the final term. Please refer to our practicum page for further details.

SW 348 - Practicum I Pre-requisites:

SW 100 (3 credit hours)

SW 346 (3 credit hours)

SW 390 (3 credit hours)

SW Course (3 credit hours)

SW Course (3 credit hours)

Total: 15 credit hours of social work courses

*SW 348 must be completed in Saskatchewan

SW 448 - Practicum II Pre-requisites:

SW 100 (3 credit hours)

SW 202 (3 credit hours)

SW 346 (3 credit hours)

SW 347 (3 credit hours)

SW 348 (6 credit hours)

SW 350 (3 credit hours)

SW 390 (3 credit hours)

SW 421 (3 credit hours)

SW 451 (3 credit hours)

SW 460 (3 credit hours)

SW 469 (3 credit hours)

*SW 448 may be completed in Saskatchewan, in another Canadian province, or even internationally!