Social Work Associations

Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (SASW)

The SASW is a professional regulatory body aimed at advancing social work as a profession, protecting the public and furthering the impact social workers have on social justice.  The SASW has standing committee members on our BSW Admissions Panel, our Undergraduate Studies Committee and Faculty / Student Council.  Many of our faculty members are actively involved in the SASW at a provincial and local level, and serve on several committees. 

SASW Student Membership is available to all BSW students at a reduced rate, and allows access to a number of professional resources, supports, and networking opportunities.  Student Members receive all newsletters and communication from the SASW and CASW, and are eligible to apply for the annual SASW Student Award.  Student Members are encouraged to participate in their local branch activity, and are eligible to upgrade to a registered social worker upon BSW completion at no extra charge within the year the degree is conferred. 

All BSW students are encouraged to consider taking part in the SASW Mentorship Program. As part of the program, students are paired with experienced registered social workers as a form of supportive networking aimed at strengthening professional identity.  Students have the opportunity to learn about specific areas of practice, populations, communities, professional development, self-care, practicum, graduate studies, etc

Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW)

The CASW advances social justice, strengthens social work as a profession and supports the work of member organizations, including the SASW (above).  The CASW Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Ethical Practice have been adopted by the SASW and serve as the foundation for professional expectations and regulation in Saskatchewan.  The Code and Guidelines are incorporated into our required social work courses. 

Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE)

The CASWE is a voluntary, national charitable association of university faculties, schools and departments offering professional education in social work.  Our social work programs are accredited by the CASWE.  The CASWE states that “the performance of professional responsibilities of social work students shall be in accordance with the relevant social work code of ethics, with particular emphasis on professional responsibilities towards vulnerable or disadvantaged groups.”