Admittance to the BSW

Application to the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program is a three-step process:

1. Application for Admission to the U of R, Pre-Social Work Program
2. Completion of the Pre-Social Work Program
3. Application for Admission to the BSW Program

1. Application for Admission to the U of R, Pre-Social Work Program

Students wishing to pursue the BSW must be admitted to the University of Regina.  In applying for admission, we recommend that students choose the Pre-Social Work program of study, offered by the Faculty of Social Work. Application dates and deadlines vary for admission to Pre-Social Work.  Please refer to the U of R Future Students website for admission information before you apply.

For U of R Saskatoon Campus location only:

Students located in Saskatoon have the option to  complete the general university studies requirements of the BSW at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). In addition to Application to U of R for Undergraduate Program Admission, students wishing to complete the general university studies requirements at the U of S must also make application to U of S for Undergraduate Program Admission.

2. Completion of the Pre-Social Work Program

To be eligible to apply to the BSW Program, students must first complete the Pre-Social Work Program.  Students who have already completed all of the Pre-Social Work course requirements through another faculty at the University of Regina, or through another institution, may apply directly for admission to the BSW Program.  If uncertain, we recommend that students consult with an Academic Advisor through the Faculty of Social Work to verify that the Pre-Social Work requirements have been met.

Applicants to the BSW Program will be assessed not only on completion of the Pre-Social Work academic requirements, but also on their work and volunteer experience in a helping role, and their personal statement (approximately 4 pages in length).  Therefore, it is recommended that students get involved in a helping role while in the Pre-Social Work program.  Experience gained prior to admission to the Pre-Social Work program will also be taken into consideration during BSW Admissions, so we encourage prospective applicants to start getting involved as early as possible! 

3. Application for Admission to the BSW Program

After completing the Pre-Social Work Program requirements, students may apply online for admittance to the BSW Program. 

  • There is one annual intake for BSW Program admittance, please see dates and deadlines for details. 
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.
  • Applicants must submit up-to-date, official transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions attended; please see our academic requirements for details.
  • Applicants are assessed on information provided in the online Application for Admission to the BSW Program.
  • Applications will only be considered if students have satisfied the requirements of the Pre-Social Work Program. 
  • For new students to the University of Regina, the BSW Program Application will also serve as an application for admission to the University.
  • Applicants who do not meet University of Regina admission requirements or BSW Program admission requirements will not be considered for admission to the BSW Program.
  • All applicants are informed in writing of the Faculty of Social Work's decision.
  • Students are not limited in the number of times they may apply for admission to the BSW Program.

Full-time and Part-time Studies:

Admitted applicants may choose to take the program either on a full time basis or on a part time basis in the location they were admitted unless the admission letter states otherwise.

Information Access:

A copy of the application and all copies of the evaluation forms will be retained on file. All other information will be destroyed at the conclusion of the admissions period. Please note that application information may be used for research purposes but only in a non-identifying format.

Admission Rate:

On a yearly basis, the Faculty of Social Work receives more applications for admission to the BSW Program than there are spaces available. The precise number admitted will depend on the number of qualified applications and the resources available to the Faculty.