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Cool co-op placements: Earning and learning in virtual robotics

08 March 2023
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Every day, third-year Software Systems Engineering student Max Sharoika gets up looking forward to going to work. These days, Sharoika can be found working as a programmer at 54e Dev Studios, the creators of One Shot Golf, an innovative application that brings together gamers and a mobile game that uses golfing robots.

I would recommend the co-op program to other students because it allows you to learn those work-related skills that you’re just not going to learn in the classroom.

Max Sharoika, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science co-op student

For Sharoika, one notable difference between his classroom learning and the co-op placement is the complexity of the projects. He says that in his University of Regina classes he works on assignments that typically include a thousand lines of code. At his co-op placement, he works on projects that have a million lines of code.

“It’s been really good to work on some projects, write, and deploy some code. Especially in the tech industries, you can’t learn everything in a classroom setting,” says Sharoika.

Sharoika was attracted to the U of R co-op program because he knew it would allow him to expand the skills he was learning in the classroom.  One Shot Golf is his second co-op placement. His previous placement was at SaskEnergy.

The U of R’s Co-op Program, the first in Western Canada, has been operating for more than 50 years and has provided students with more than 29,000 work placements and $360 million (in 2023 dollars) in salaries.

“The best thing about my co-op placement is my team. They throw you right in the water. They treat you like everybody else. They let you do the coding and you get to learn a ton of stuff in a very short amount of time,” says Sharoika.

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