For Faculty & Staff

The ta-tawâw Student Centre strives to connect students with the many services and supports that are here to ensure success both on campus, and beyond. Much of the programming that is offered through the ta-tawâw Student Centre is due to effective and dynamic partnerships with many of our campus units.

If you have campus services, events, or research that you know would be a benefit to share with students who frequent the ta-tawâw Student Centre , we encourage you to contact us.

Some of the ways your information can be shared through the ta-tawâw Student Centre include the following:

  • sending posters and e-mail correspondence advertising public lectures, conferences and other events, along with new course offerings
  • offering to participate in workshops, presentations, and/or discussions in the centre on topics of interest to Indigenous students
  • visiting the centre to connect with students and staff

While the Centre’s focus is for students, all of the campus community is welcome in the Centre, as creating opportunities for intercultural and intergenerational exchange strengthens our campus community, and allows us to achieve the greatest heights in education and learning.

We thank all of our faculty, staff and campus units who work to share their services and knowledge in our centre!