For Students

The ta-tawâw Student Centre is here to support you throughout your university education! Whether you are a future student, or a current student, the ta-tawâw Student Centre is here to contribute to your overall experience on campus by:

  • helping you find and connect with the information and campus services that support your success
  • providing a welcoming place for you to get to know other students, staff and faculty

Future Students

As a future student at the University of Regina, Luther College, Campion College, or First Nations University, it is important to understand that the ta-tawâw Student Centre has an important role in supporting your transition to university life. You are an important part of our campus community, and having support throughout your studies and beyond will make your place in the community more apparent. 

Along with meeting new friends from across the province and nations, there are a number of developed programs and services designed to help you succeed and flourish in your academic career and beyond. The ta-tawâw Student Centre understands learning to be an exchange between all people; we recognize that we all have valuable knowledge to share with each other in our lifelong journey together.

As you get ready for your first year, please look at the specific programs and services the ta-tawâw Student Centre offers to support your transition to university life:

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Current Students

The ta-tawâw Student Centre offers an open and friendly atmosphere for students to make suggestions, share their experiences, and make their ideas happen.  Our main focus is to assist students in achieving success in university life and beyond. We believe that through our various programs and events you'll be able to find something that will help make your University experience a great one. 

The ta-tawâw Student Centre operates with a focus on four program areas:

The staff at the ta-tawâw Student Centre believe that, through the various initiatives within each program area, you will be able to find something that will positively impact your University career. Please check out our events calendar for upcoming programming and events.