Self Declaration of Aboriginal Status

In partnership with the U of R Registrar's and Admissions Offices, the ASC is providing all Aboriginal students the opportunity to declare their Aboriginal status which will benefit you and the University in the following ways:

  • Support your fellow Aboriginal students by self-declaring so the ASC and the U of R can help determine service needs based on accurate information on the number of Aboriginal students enrolled.
  • Support the ASC goals in providing culturally appropriate support, a service facility and a gathering place for Aboriginal students.
  • Eligible to access a wide range of supports and services offered by the ASC, including scholarships and bursaries available not only at the University, but within the community.

Students who would like to declare their Aboriginal status are encouraged to do so by:

1. Logging onto UR Self Service then following the directions to enter  your 9-digit student number and password.
2. Clicking on the Personal Information Menu, then Update Canadian Aboriginal Status.
3. Updating status by choosing Status Indian, Metis, Inuit or Non-status Indian.
4. Logging out of UR Self Service.

For more information, you can contact us or send us a message by using our e-mail form.