nitôncipâmin omâ Student Success Program (The OMA Program)

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The nitôncipâmin omâ  Student Success Program (OMA Program) is designed to provide you with the most supportive learning environment as a first-year Indigenous student. The ta-tawâw Student Centre acknowledges that all our students are leaders and within this program we cultivate your leadership skills and assist you in becoming academic leaders on our campus by providing you with the tools you need to navigate your academic path successfully.

Benefits include connection with other first-year students, detailed class material review sessions, priority access to tutors, cultural & social programming and scholarship opportunities (with possibility of your first year tuition paid for).

Any first-year Indigenous student in the faculty of Arts, Science, and Business Administration at the U of R, FNUniv, Campion or Luther student can apply to participate in this free classroom community program.

Student Success Facilitator

The OMA Program is facilitated by the Student Success Facilitator. The Facilitator will:

  • Orientate students entering the program at the University of Regina
  • Collaborate with Professors and Post Secondary Coordinators to facilitate and support student success
  • Ensure academic, personal and social supports are on hand to engage students on focusing on their studies
  • Liaise with Post Secondary Coordinators in regards to funding
  • Network with various on-campus resources and community support organizations to ensure student success

Review Sessions

Students enrolled into the OMA Program will be registered in the Faculty of Arts general core classes that are the required as part of their degree. Students will be required to attend the review sessions for their classes. The sessions will consist of:

  • Course content clarification
  • Supplementary learning
  • Open discussions

Student Success Workshops

In conjunction with review sessions the students will be introduced to a number of Student Success Workshops offered through Student Services of the University of Regina. The Workshops would consist of:

  • Note Taking & Reading
  • Time Management & Procrastination
  • Discover Your Learning Style
  • Exam Preparation
  • Resume Writing
  • Library Research Skills and Information
  • Academic Writing

Academics & Attendance

The Facilitator will attend classes with students to understand the student’s perspective and customize the review sessions to assist in course content clarification, supplementary learning and begin assigned class work. Regular attendance of students is expected for all classes including the review sessions.

The Facilitator will have access to the students’ grades and will monitor to understand their academic progression. If in the event the student has shown signs of concern the Facilitator will work with the student to address the concerns. The students’ academic grades will be shared with their Academic Advisor and anyone deemed appropriate for third party access. This is indicated in the Student Release of Information form signed by the student.


Students will also be introduced to the University of Regina’s Indigenous Co-op Coordinator and Career Counselor. This individual supports the academic and career related success of Indigenous students. Services include:

  • Co-operative Education Program
  • Full Circle Summer Internship Program
  • Job registry which allow all job posting and events to be sent to your e-mail
  • Professional Development Workshops for both Co-op & Summer programs
  • Resume and Cover Letter Preparation & Critiquing
  • Employer Luncheon Series
  • Mock Interview Sessions

Registration is now open for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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