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Glen Anaquod Memorial Tipi Raising Competition

This year the annual Glen Anaquod Memorial Tipi Raising Competition will be hosted remotely.

A global pandemic reminds us how important it is for us all to maintain our homefires!

Online entries will close December 8th at midnight! For more entry details and to enter, please read through the competition entrance form.

Tipi Raising Competition

The annual Tipi Raising Competition at the University of Regina was initiated in 2008 by the late Cultural & Traditional Advisor Glen Anaquod (1948 - 2011) from Muscowpetung First Nation. The Anaquod family has a history of participating in Tipi Raising Competitions held during Treaty 4 celebrations. It was Advisor Anaquod’s wish to involve the University campus community, students and staff in such competitions.

The event provides a fun, friendly, and engaging environment for hands on learning about Indigenous culture and values. Celebrating the innovative structure of the tipi, we also explore what the tipi has to teach us in terms of our values; such as tending to our homes and families, the importance of teamwork, listening and observation, styles of leadership, and our ability to persevere in the face of obstacles.

The competition is open to entries from university and high school students, and the general public.

This year, we're asking competitors to compile teams within their households, creatively using items they can find to build tipis that include all of the components of a tipi. Once completed, teams will take photos of their creation, share them online, and fill out our online entry form (including links) to be included in the competition. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries.

Competition Category Qualifications:

All teams must consist of no less than 2 and no more than 4 people (those who live alone can work with their team remotely).

University Category - team must include at least 1 currently registered student at the University of Regina, First Nations University of Canada, Luther College, or Campion College. Student ID number will be required for confirmation.

Highschool Category - team must include at least 1 highschool student from Treaty 4 territory.

Women's Category - In honour of Constance Dubois and the essential ways women build and maintain our homefires, this category is reserved for competitors who self-identify as women.

Entries must be submitted by 12 midnight on December 8th.

To determine winners, online voting will commence once all entries are verified.

Links to tipi raising demonstrations and teachings inherently found within the tipi will be posted here shortly.

The University of Regina ta-tawâw Student Centre coordinates this competition as part of the supports and services offered to students on our campus to encourage cultural development as students lead, interact and engage with our campus and larger community.

For more entry details, please read through the competition entrance form.