Meet Our Knowledge Keeper

Along with Knowledge Keepers employed through the Office of Indigenization and First Nations University, the Aboriginal Student Centre has a resident Kokum (grandmother) whose chief role is to provide cultural and traditional insight, support and personal consultation for our students. The ASC also works with community Knowledge Keepers to support students and campus with ceremony and traditional teachings. We encourage students who are interested in receiving guidance, support and having meaningful exchange to visit the ASC.

Brenda BrendaDubois

Brenda Dubois is a mother and grandmother (kokum), from Muscowpetung First Nation. She has worked extensively in the areas of Child welfare, Human justice and environmental issues. She is an advocate for education and vulnerable peoples. Brenda believes that practicing culture and traditions is important for people to continually learn and evolve. She has contributed to many community building initiatives including Northern Survival Gathering, Peyakowak, Family Support Centre, and the Randall Kinship Centre.

“I consider it a great honor to be placed in such a position to mentor youth and young adults from a variety of cultures, for we are all one human race.”