Cultural & Traditional Awareness

Celebrating and exploring culture and traditional knowledge is key to fostering a positive learning experience. Encouraging personal reflection while connecting with our communities provides each one of us with a sense of belonging that helps us to understand our place in this world as we fully realize our potential as learners and leaders in our communities.

These programs enable students, staff, and faculty to explore culture, practice, and knowledge:

Cultural Creativity
These workshops offer an opportunity to learn and exchange applications/techniques in a variety of creative mediums. Past workshops have included such projects as making and designing ribbon shirts, ribbon skirts, moccasins, beadwork, and loomwork.

Introduction to Powwow
Learn the tradition of powwow (dance, drum and song) through demonstrations and informal lectures.

Tipi Teachings
The Tipi Teachings are based on the significance of the tipi in Cree culture, and how the tipi serves as a representation of the key traditional values as they pertain to personhood, community and environment.

Please check our events calendar for upcoming sessions.