“My experience with the program was amazing! At first, I did it to get back in school. But when I actually understood the program, I fell in love with it. The supports are amazing and having the advisors there to help was outstanding. I never felt judged for asking any questions or concerns I had. The activities helped me understand where my struggles were. I learned how to improve my school life and my work life, and for that I am forever grateful!!! It benefited me because I had to be accountable for my actions to other people and not just myself. I had to learn that people are going to check in on you and care for you. They are there to help you and they want you to succeed. This was a huge benefit for me. I would 100% refer everyone that needs a little help. I believe that this program should be mandatory for every 1st year university student. It helps you with studying, time management, and communications skills. Plus it gets you out there and it pushes each person to be the best they can be.”

– Student from the Department of Justice Studies

“I am very glad I chose to go through with ARP, as it helped me develop an above average GPA. The great knowledgeable instructors taught me a lot of strategies and informed me about available resources on campus. I learned some very good habits throughout the program that completely changed my academic career and made moving forward that much easier! I definitely recommend going through with ARP!”

– Student from the Faculty of Arts

“ARP is a wonderful opportunity for students who find themselves in trouble with academic studies. The most helpful activities were the homework sections and the different workshops that happened every week. ARP helped me develop proper skills to effectively manage my time and tackle my studies.”

– Student from the Faculty of Science

“The academic recovery program came as an answer to my university needs. Before the program, I was depressed with the nature of my grades and even though it meant more money for me to spend, I felt a sense of gratitude that someone out there was thinking about students like me… The program really opened my eyes to the possibilities of life-long learning and my confidence has reached greater heights than I could have ever imagined… It also taught me that not everything good is free and that sometimes, a little bit of investment in a program like ARP will reap long term benefits for struggling students at the University of Regina.”

– Student from the Faculty of Arts

"The program helped me clear my head and regain focus. Sometimes students know the answers, but lack the motivation to actually follow through on assignmnets. ARP motivated me to stop being lazy. The most helpful activity was the weekly support group, where you help motivate your group members to stay on top of their school work. This group was excellent and welcoming. Another aspect that was helpful, was the time management tricks and tips, which enabled me to become more conscious about proper time utilization. I would refer students who really want to turn things around... Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step and the second is to take affirmative action to resolve it. I believe ARP helps you do this."

- Student from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science