Academic Recovery Program

The Academic Recovery Program is an opportunity for students to strengthen their academic skills and evaluate their education, career direction, and personal goals. In the ARP students take credit courses while attending academic skill-building workshops, coaching sessions, and homework sessions guided by experienced tutors. If you have difficulty writing essays, studying for exams, taking notes, managing time, or dealing with stress, the ARP can help!

Program Eligibility

The ARP aims to assist anyone who needs extra support at the University of Regina. However, students who have been placed on Academic Probation are strongly encouraged to apply.

Avoiding a Forced Withdrawal (MW)

Have you received a notice of a Must Withdraw (MW) or a Required to Discontinue (RTD)? Do you want to continue taking credit classes and learn new strategies for success? The ARP may be the program for you!

The ARP allows students who are otherwise ineligible to enroll in credit courses to continue their studies at the University of Regina.

Program Benefits

  • Strengthen academic skills
  • Participate in reflective exercises
  • Explore educational directions
  • Receive guidance and support from advisors
  • Learn alongside tutors in guided homework sessions
  • Take credit courses to improve GPA

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Program Overview

The program is offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer semesters. Students can be admitted into the Fall, Winter or Spring/Summer semesters. Courses follow the dates outlined in the University of Regina Academic Calendar (Undergraduate).

Each week students are required to attend:

Semester 1    

1-2 Credit Courses: 3-6 Hours

Workshops, Coaching, and Homework Sessions: 8 hours

Semester 2

ACAD 100: 3 hours

1-2 Credit Courses: 3-6 Hours

Workshops, Coaching, and Homework Sessions: 8 hours


This program costs $1,000 per semester for six hours of equated credit, plus regular tuition and course fees for credit and non-credit courses. The equated credit will be considered as credit hours for funding purposes.


Admission decisions are made in consultation with the student's faculty. Students must submit a program application form, and a meeting with an ARP Advisor may be needed to determine admissibility. ADMISSION IS NOT AUTOMATIC. Here is a link to the application form (pdf). Please note you must download the form to a computer, fill it in, and send the digital PDF to You must type your information and the personal statement, and meet all the personal statement requirements as per the second page of the form, otherwise your application will not be processed.


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