Early Referral Program for Instructors

Students, particularly those in first year, face many challenges in undertaking university-level course work. Some feel lost and overlooked in the university environment, others may not be academically prepared, or they may have financial or personal issues that impact their studies.  

Student-faculty contact is a critical component of study success. We hope to enhance the on-going support you provide to students in your classes by connecting them with other campus services. Referring students to the Student Success Centre allows us to make timely and personal contact with those you feel may benefit from additional support.

Who should I refer?

Students should be referred to the Student Success Centre for any of the following reasons:

  • Excessive absences or stopped attending classes
  • Failed or missed an exam or substantive assignment
  • Unprepared for class
  • Communication and/or writing skills are not at the level needed to pass the course
  • Placed on academic probation

First-year courses are targeted, but you may refer students from upper-level courses as well. Ideally, you should refer students early in the semester, but can do so at any time.

How do I refer a student?

There are two ways to make a referral:

  • Fill out the online form
  • Send an e-mail to student.support@uregina.ca including the student’s name and the course/section number.  Details on why the referral is being made may also be included. 

What happens next?

Once your referral is received, the Student Success Centre will contact the student encouraging him or her to meet with an advisor. 

Advisors are knowledgeable about the personal, financial, and academic supports available to students and are able to provide intensive, personalized guidance on issues such as:

  • Availability of emergency student loans
  • Effective study techniques such as note taking, reading strategies, test preparation
  • Improving motivation
  • Withdrawals or deferrals because of extenuating medical or personal reasons

What about confidentiality?

Although you may do so, you do not have to check with a student before referring him or her.  We recommend that you include a description of the program on your course syllabus. Student participation in the program following a referral is voluntary and all support is undertaken on a confidential basis. 

Sample write-up for a course syllabus:

This course is part of a student support initiative, Early Referral. Students face challenges in undertaking university-level course work, and there are many resources available on campus that can provide assistance. If your instructor feels that you may benefit from additional support, he/she may forward your name to the Student Success Centre. You will be contacted and asked to make an appointment with an advisor. Participation in this program is voluntary and all support is undertaken on a confidential basis.